Monday, April 5, 2010


Marky has a respiratory/sinus infection...started yesterday..
No school for him tomorrow !

He is greatly disappointed ,as you can imagine !

Of course, I AM TERRIFIED, as you can imagine !

Last time he got was back up to the mountain !

PLUS...I'm scheduled to re-re-take my vascular board exams
this Friday.... last time I tried to take my boards, Marky landed
in the hospital the night before and I had been up all night and took
them under those "fabulous" conditions !

We'll see what the week brings... if it's a re-run of last time....
At least I'll know what I'm in for !

Just another Manic Monday !


Sarah's corner said...

Oh no!
I texted you yesterday to see if I could call you.
You didn't answer.
Can you text or call today?
Let me know.
You are in my prayers.

brookie said...

You can do it Nettie!! Just take it one step at a time. Baby Steps! You have gotten through so much already and you are FULLY qualified to make it through anything else that comes your way. Good luck on your test! You're in my prayers.
Love Brookie

Anonymous said...

hope he is feeling better, praying for you all xoxoxoxoxo