Sunday, March 13, 2011

this is Captain Mark Jeanes reporting for duty!

sam is doing a bit beter today he keeps trying to throw up but there is nothing left in his tummy!

he has not ate for 3 days.

I am geting ready 2 uncover the jeep for real this time!

ps sam is not watching buety and the beast!

Friday, March 11, 2011


marky and sam throwing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is marky reporting in .

sam in room on rocking chair watching beuty and the beast

Friday, March 4, 2011

PAIN HOLIDAY WITH MARKY: Marky's been suffering all week with his famous un-manageable abdomen pain. Can't take anything significant to help with the pain because the meds will "clog him up" ..... we don't need that, either. So last night, Thursday, as I layed on the bed next to him while he gripped my wrists and clenched his teeth and curled his toes in pain... We decided to "take a holiday"-- First we cruised around on Ken's Ol' Blue boat for awhile. Then we had the great idea to pretend it was warm enough to un-cover the Army Jeep and go riding on it. So we did. We had a GREAT time. He finally relaxed enough to fall asleep for a couple of hours. Then the pain hit again. As I tried to comfort him, helplessly, i prayed to Father in Heaven to help me understand why he must continue to suffer, over and over. What lesson is to be learned.....AGAIN. Why ? ....all those pleading questions that are futile...that will never perhaps be answered-- in this life. My mind wandered to music, of course. It was Les Miserables this time. The song of pleading called "Bring Him Home". If you dont know that one, its the guy with the chocolatey smooth tenor voice singing a prayer to let his son, or some guy like that, live. And petitioning HIS life for this young man's. To take him, bring the young boy home...let him live. Okay, that was a pathetic description of the passion of that song and the affect it had on me when I saw that play at the Capitol Theatre many years ago. You can all guess how my mind and heart was wrenching with the same pain of that guy in the musical. To no avail could my prayer be answered according to MY will ... As usual, I wait for "The lesson" to be learned. I'm not a very patient person.... I dont know if any of you know that about me. For now, I think i'll get back on Marky's Army Jeep and go for a ride with the wind in my hair..... maybe toss a grenade or two, or launch an RPG. Love to all Marky's friends