Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year;

There is never an uninteresting day here at Primary Children's Hospital especially in Mark Jeanes' world. During the night Mark was very uncomfortable and his abdomen was so bloated he simply could not settle in for the second night in a row. The decision was made to perform a parasyntesis to drain the fluid. Mark's blood count was low and before going to the radiologist for the parasyntesis, the hematologist mixed a blood cocktail and began a transfusion. After the first infusion, Mark was whisked off for the procedure.
2300 cc's of liquid was drained and some blood was found during the process. Mark's surgeon was not concerned about the blood and felt that it was not from "new bleeds" but likely remnant blood from the surgical procedure a week ago.
Cytology will be performed on the fluid drained for pathology.
And speaking of pathology, Dr Cheryl Coffin from Vanderbilt University has done an initial review of slides sent last week and stated that she was looking at several potential items but that she needed more samples to make a definitive diagnosis. " Closing in but not there yet!"
I remember only too well the frustration of "the wait" as I went through numerous procedures leading to a diagnosis 23 years ago. it was arduous and seemed to take forever. In the end though a diagnosis was made and a treatment formulated. Certainly that will happen here too and we hope and trust that the many dedicated doctors working on Mark's case will be guided and inspired in the process and that we, the family and friends will stand firm and resolute.
Mark's now back in his room and receiving the second infusion of blood which will complete the transfusion and thereby build his base blood chemistry. The relief of pressure though temporary, will certainly help him feel more comfortable and perhaps, allow him some sleep.
I know Vickie and I love and appreciate everyone's support and the help all of you give, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. As we march into 2010 we do so with faith and hope in brighter days for all.
God Bless,
Ken Crocheron

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

- A note from Marky's big brother Scott,

Once again thank you all for being so supportive in this unfortunate event. It is nice to have such caring and loving friends and neighbors to cheer are little marky on. Just the other day i was up at the hospital at marky's bed side thinking of how many people have been up to see mark in the past few days, and how much people care for marky and our family.

In My opinion even if they havent found a cure marky's problems we still have humor and positive thinking........ When i was up in the ICU with marky (once again at his bed side) i held his hand as he gripped mine ever-so tightly, and i said"oh marky! i am so, so, so sorry" as i was trying not to cry in front of him and then he said "hey at least they know whats wrong with me" (this was before they out-ruled the limphoma or how ever you spell it). This made me realize that he is such a trooper and that he always tries to find the positive things in every aspect of his life. It also made me think of how hard marky is personaly praying and how much it means to him.........

"Heavenly father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer every childs prayer?
some say that heaven is far away, but i feel it close around me as i pray"

- primary song "a childs prayer".

THANK YOU! - scott cole :^)

Today at the PMC amusement park:

Mark had a very restless night last night with discomfort from the ever building ascietes. Lynette was really wanting some help from the docs there today in the form a synthesis ( fluid drain) which would relieve pressure inside the belly.
Lynette needed to go to work today and so I was on duty and my assignment from the mom was to get the docs to get the synthesis done!
First I had to wait for the surgeon who performed Mark's exploratory surgery a week ago. When he came in he was somewhat in agreement that it might make sense to get Mark into radiology where they could perform a "guided synthesis" much the same as they did 2 weeks back.
Next came in the senior resident doc who has been in charge of Mark's care in the surgery pod. She felt strongly that a synthesis was not advisable with a post operative patient as there was an increased risk for Peritonitis this soon after surgery and that a synthesis should be a last option procedure. Instead she prescribed an infusion of laesiks which was tried recently unsuccessfully and actually contributed to his false diagnosis, (Burkitt's Lymphoma) due to his elevated uremic count. Laesiks is a diuretic and it's function is in part, what raised that uremic count that so concerned the oncologists.
James and I pointed out to the resident doc that that had not been successful and she said that this time they would also infuse albumin which as I understand it, causes the kydneys to absorb the ascietes and excrete them through the urine.
Then another doctor came into the consult; he is a hematologist/pathologist and he concured that a synthesis would be highly risky and that the laesiks would be a more safe procedure and that if that treatment does not work, then as a last resort, they would do the synthesis.
*Next the doctor said that the PMC pathologists have ruled out any malignancies base on the exploratory biopsies and the lymph biopsies.
The surgeon stated that the colon walls were like a "thick rubber hose" which was not elastic enough to perform properly and that inside wall of the colon was highly constricted. This results in partial or complete blockages. This explains the green bile "Bilious Vomitis" Mark has been suffering from.
So now again we want to know, "How do you fix this?" This question is still premature as they have sent the slides to Dr. Cheryl Coffin, ( unfortunate name) who until April 2008 was the chief of pathology at PMC and is now at Vanderbilt University. She has become a renowned authority on smooth tumor and spindle cell anomalies having authored research papers and a book on the subjects. PMC is awaiting her report at the end of this week (hopefully) before developing a treatment protocol.
Once again thank you, all of you for your prayers, financial and spiritual help. Pray for Marky's Miracle.
Ken Crocheron

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Semper Fi! Means..Always faithful!

This hat was given to Marky last night by U.S.Marine-
Jamison Tarrant as a symbol of strength and determination. It was worn during boot camp, and on many other occasions of bravery and honor! Marky will carry on the

This is a view of Marky's multitude of "lines" keeping him going!


Refer to previous "Tues post's" about "running buddies" before you read this next one.

Speaking of "running buddies",

I remember a particularly sweet story about Marky this summer...

We had an extra difficult month financially in June. The boys had what was thought of as possibly "swine" flu. The medicine,Tamiflu, was SO expensive---no insurance. I had to take a week or so off work w/o pay to care for everyone. And work was sporatic any way with the failing economy, so the paychecks were lacking any substance. We needed money to pay the bills..and fast!

We decided to have a huge yard sale. All of our furniture, except the beds and a few other items, were carted out on the front lawn. Couches, artwork, decorative chests, chairs, kitchen table, and a bunch of other stuff ---all sold.

I told the boys how lucky we were to get rid of it all!!! Now they could play ball in the house! And we could have a place for giant bean bags!! Marky was the most excited about this!

That evening as I came in to view our empty house, I cried at what I had done. But Marky was running all thru the house thrilled with the prospects ahead!

The next day, on Sunday, a truck pulled up in front of our house with an entire living room set to fill the empty front room! Marky was really bummed about this, but I assured him he still had the family room "open wide"

A few hours later another "running buddy" showed up with a couch for the family room. Marky was SOOOOOO MAD!! He marched up to his room and slammed the door! His "dream house" was wrecked with STUPID FURNITURE!

We never did get any bean bags. But when Marky comes home, he can play ball in any room he gosh darn pleases!!!!! And I will sell the new old couches and make him the giantest bean bag ever!!! Thats almost a promise!

Words of wisdom from Marky' cousins, Brooke and Brittany:



( I had to think about that for a minute!)

Tuesday in Markysroom---

I so love reading all of your comments as you respond to Markys latest adventure! Thank you for your cheering and supportive words that help us to keep fighting !

The news this afternoon is that Marky's "pathology slides have been sent out to Nashville to a specialist for review. Her name is Cheryl Coffin--at Vanderbuilt. I will pray for her specifically, that she will recognize and identify this tumor and make recommendations without delay.

Marky's 2nd grade teacher--Lisa Hodson, reminded us in her comments a tender story about our Marky. I will share it with all of you..

Early in the school year Mark came home and told me that one of his buddies at school couldnt keep up with everyone as they ran their laps around the field. (This dear child was born with some physical limitations that cause him to have a limp when he walks--not to mention runs) So everyone would wait for him to finish--by himself. Marky's biggest concern was that this special friend ran alone while everyone watched and waited.

Marky asked me if I thought his teacher would let him run with this dear boy so he could have a "friend". I'm sure the other kids probably thought of this too, but our little Marky acted on his impressions! A note was sent to Miss Hodson asking if he could be this angel's "running buddy" and the request was welcomed.

I hope that Marky's position can be temporarily filled as Alex's running buddy until Marky returns to the track!

As Lisa stated in her comments, all of you are now Marky's "running buddies" ! What a blessing each of you are to Marky and our family.

Marky sends his love, along with mine-----Lynette

Yesterday the surgical team visited Marks room and discussed taking out the feed tube in favor of a J-Tube in an attempt to nourish the upper colon which has become dormant. This is certainly a necessity to insure that the colon survives.

It is felt that a surgical solution to the Spindle Cell involvement is not realistic. A bowel transplant requires "clear margins" in order to insure that the transplanted tissue bonds and survives. Evidently there is no clear margin.

The oncology team still awaits the analysis of the pathology slides sent for comment. Still there is definitive diagnosis and therefore no protocol for treatment.

After much research it is evident that a disease of this nature is very rare in children and the cases reported are few and far between. One thing that did come out was that there have been some anti-retro viral drugs combined with chemotherapy that have yielded good results. This might be a possibility pending the actual definitive diagnosis.

For all who have rallied to help this family.....God Bless You. As you can imagine, the expenses associated with this case are going to be extreme and the effects on the Jeanes family will be felt for a long time to come.

If you can help financially, a charitable donations account is set up at America First Credit Union for Mark. The account is listed as the, "Mark Jeanes Charitable Donations Account" and is accessible at all AFCU branches.

On Christmas Day a miracle birth happened at PMC both mother and child were for all intents considered clinically dead but both were saved. Maybe there can be another miracle called the "Marky Miracle?"
Love to All
Ken and Vickie Crocheron

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday morning--from Markysmom,

Still waiting for word from the "wizard's of oz" (Pathologists)! Marky is still in considerable pain. He is currently in a "Phenergan Phfog" and sleeping peacefully.

My twin sis. (Lori, whom I refer to as "what i'm sposed to look like") related to me some thoughts from her dear neighbors, the White's. Jon White pointed out the many miracles that are taking place with Marky. Not only the miracle that he is still with us, but the miracle that this 7 year old child has brought so many people together. Hundreds of people all engaged in the same cause-----to pray and fast for the sake of a small child----that in itself is a miracle.

No matter the outcome of Markys "mission", many miracles have been adorned on this child and on this community of friends and family. What a gift.

I always refer to our little Sammy as a "gift", too. He will turn 5 yrs old this Fri. Jan. 1st!!!! Another miracle that i doubted i would ever see. He seems to be sensitive to whats happening with Marky and by report from others, he has been a delight to everyone around him, and "no trouble"!!

Will update as soon as any new word is revealed on Markys future!

Love to all, and a gazillion thanks------Marky's mom, lynette

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday night in Markysroom!

Markys big accomplishment today was getting up to be weighed on the scale! With the help of his dad and his nurses he wobbled his way there and back to his bed. What a ginormous feat!!!!

He got the bandage changed on his "PIC" line, which is never fun. Removing tape and bandages from tender delicate skin is THE WORST!!!! He continues to bear his burdens valiantly.

He's been drinking a fair amount of sips of water and ice chips today....mingled with hints of sprite and gatorade, when no one is looking!!! It's the little joys of life, isn't it?!?!?

The local U of U LDS ward comes in on Sundays to offer church services. If you cant make it to the mini chapel, the guys will come to your room and offer you the Sacrament. A cute little primary teacher also came in to give him his primary lesson. What a great place to heal!!!!

Monday will hopefully yield some results of the biopsies done during his exploratory surgery last week. It may take longer to hear, we dont know.

Marky is in considerable pain tonite. We continue to plead with the angels to comfort him.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Marky says Hi to all of his friends!

Saturday morning in Markysroom----

Marky managed to survive the night with his Uncle Lyle at the helm!!!!

That's the good news of the day.!!!

Huge heaps of gratitude to his uncle for giving selflessly to this dear child. Marky is resting comfortably with the help of various combinations of meds on board!--- Not that he needed to be sedated after a wild night with Lyle!!!

The Colonel, Ken Crocheron, is also never far away to help comfort little Marky in his time of trial. We appreciate SO MUCH all the efforts to assist in the care of Marky and our family from everyone near AND far.

Donations of every kind are pouring in to help offset the many needs. I am in awe of the generosity of you all. THANK YOU THANK YOU ....a Gazillion!

Sammy spent Christmas day opening his Santa gifts at Aunt Lori's house first, then he spread his Christmas cheer with the Bishop Rupp family (hope the house is still standing!)....Sammy IS an angel-----the "Destroying Angel" at times! Then he moved along to the Crocheron's for a time and finally home for the night with his daddy.

Scott spent Christmas eve and morning with his Cole relatives and then presented himself back up at Marks bedside along with lots of friends and family. Marky seemed to perk up especially when his best buddy, Jonah Larsen, came to see him!

Many of you have taken the time to travel up to visit Marky. That in itself is a sacrifice with time and traffic, etc. But we are grateful for all your contributions, be it kind words, texts, blogs, and numerous temporal assists!

Gratefully, Lynette and family

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hi everyone!

Just thought we'd put up some fun pictures for Marky to view when he looks at his blog! The Christmas pics of him and Sammy are from last year.

Marky's Uncle Lyle Beecher will be hanging out w. him tonite so "Mom" and "Dad" can rest up for tomorrow. Lyle took a stack of movies for them to watch together! I'm sure they will have a great time !

We really appreciate all that our family and friends have helped with. This could not be possible without all of you! Marky had a great day and enjoyed opening his presents. It took him most of the day to do it....He would open a few, and get tired, then try a few more, etc.etc. He is a trooper.

Aunt Lori got clearance for him to suck on a ring pop!!!! What a treat for him to have something w/ flavor!!1 He's been restricted to ice chips for days! although I may have sneaked a few drops of Sprite on his tongue when the nurse wasn't looking! I can't confirm or deny that! He enjoys the mischievious-ness of sneaking!!!!!

Good night everyone!-----Markysmom

Christmas Day from Markysroom--

The true spirit of this joyous day is here in this room with Marky. Heaven sent angels, seen and not seen, have ministered to him through the night. Mark is experiencing such pain and difficulty just being comfortable. His big wish for Christmas is that when he gets outa here, he is going to have the "biggest drink of water ever"!!!!

A big drink of water! Thats all he wishes for! If only we could re-direct our priorities and desires the way this precious child has demonstrated over and over! What lesson for all of us to learn from a seven year old child.

As I think of the Savior, his only wish is the same for us. That we drink of his life! That we quench our thirst in his sacrifice and love. That we in turn love one another as he loves us. I am starting to get this.....I hope you guys are too.

Marky's room is full of gifts from so many people! We are so moved by the out-pouring of love from all of "Santa's helpers"!

We still await results of the tests done during his surgery. Possibly Monday at the earliest. Then we will know how to proceed with treatment. Until then we maintain our bedside vigil and wait.
Love, from Markysmom!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Markysmom on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all of you! Again,We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of generosity and kindness from people everywhere who are concerned for Marky.

He continues to fight the good fight. He will spend Christmas Eve with his mom and dad as we wait and watch for Santa to come!!!! The word in the halls here at Primary's is that Santa heaps more stuff on these angel children than anywhere in the world! I know he heaps more blessings here than most places, THAT is true!

Today we've been watching a DVD that our ward's primary children created! They filmed themselves singing and being goofy (Marky's favorite part) and showed them as they decorated an adorable Christmas tree for Marky. It lifted all of our spirits....Thanks to all who helped with that.

Our other "angel boy", Sam, has been spreading his cheer with many of our friends and family. To all of you, we thank you for caring for him. Our oldest son, Scott, who continues to be our beacon of positive hope, will spend Christmas with the Cole side of our family, then come back to see Marky.

We continue to keep our hopes lifted toward heaven for our Father's mercy on this dear child.

Love to everyone, Lynette

Merry Christmas to all!!!

For your information we have opened a new Charitable donations account for Mark Jeanes at the America First CU. For you who wish to donate you can go to any America First location and donate to the Mark Jeanes Charitable Donations account. Additionally we, Ken and Vickie Crocheron Donation Forms you can have for your records but simply asking for that at the CU location while making donations will work fine.

Mark is now in the surgical unit @ PMC and because of his weakened immune state limited visitation rules should be observed: (1) no visitors under age 14. (2) no visitors with any infections including the seasonal colds and flu.

Updates to mark's condition will be posted daily as they become available. You prayers and kindnesses in Mark's family are so very much appreciated and we all join in praying for a miracle at Christmas. The doctors at the PMC are stumped as to the exact diagnosis and have sent slides to consultants around the country. Results from their efforst will hopefully start to come in next week. Until then everyone awaits with heavy hearts lifted with hope.

Love to All,

Ken and Vickie

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Please know how deeply moved and appreciative the Jeanes and family are for the many kindnesses, gifts, prayers and fasting in Mark's behalf.

It is easy to love Mark Jeanes; he is kind to everyone and seldom complains or says negative things. Right now he suffers and continues to fight whatever is heaped upon him and lately that is an awful load for anyone much less, a child. His surgery lasted several hours and he now is in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) with all the top-tier medical care the hospital can provide.
Everyone wants to know what was found and that is a complicated set of issues to describe. His surgeon upon completion of the procedure, stated that Mark's upper colon was completely involved with "Spindle Cells" which is a general term for a far more complex book of possibilities. If you Google "Spindle Cells" you will get why this is too tough to call or answer all the questions as it can mean many different diseases that are too many to mention here in the blog.
What is most important to remember is that the reference to Spindle was made by the surgeon and the pathology of the tissues taken in the procedure has not yet been diagnosed by the diagnosticians and that is what we await.Those results will begin to come in midday (hopefully) and over the course of the next several days as the pathology is cross-checked by different specialists and even other institutions as may be needed.
What makes this particularly difficult for Mark's neighbors and friends is that he now can no longer be seen or talked too as he is in isolation so I will work to keep all information uploaded on the blog to assist in the process.
Again, thank You......All of you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Mark's surgery today they found spindle cells in his upper colon. These may be carcinoma or sarcoma malignancy or it could be a pseudo tumor. They also put a catheder in his heart which comes out through his chest to allow the doctors to do more diagnostic testing and give them a direct line into his aorta. Pathology reports are expected back midday tomorrow (Wed). Until then no diagnosis has been made and Mark will stay the night in the ICU. Please keep Mark and his family in your prayers. The Jeanes' appreciate all the encouraging words and acts of kindness that have been done in their behalf. Pray for a miracle and pray that they can get some real answers soon!

Well, it looks like things have taken another turn. Mark woke up today with a high fever, so they will be doing a full exploratory surgery of his abdomen in about an hour. They will biopsy many different tissues for analysis. The surgery is to last 3 to 4 hours. Mark will then be moved to ICU and will not be able to have visitors to keep a very sterile environment. We will post more as we find out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today was another difficult day for Mark as he underwent a procedure to drain 1000 cc's of fluid from his abdomen. He retains at least another 1000 cc's. This fluid will be examined at a cellular level for hidden markers for lymphomas. An initial finding from the fluid today revealed Celiac's disease which among other things presents in malabsorption of fats and nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. Symptomatology of Ceiliac's includes bloating and stomach and lower tract discomfort.

Celiac's does not include Ascietes which of course is the most notable of marks symptom expression. This will however alter greatly Mark's eating habits.
Mark is effected by the anesthesia from the numerous procedures. He is feeling sore and groggy.
Tomorrow Mark will have another biopsy, this time of the lymph nodes in his neck and chin area. Once again this another trip to the surgery room. Oncologists still remain concerned that there is an as of yet undiagnosed lymphoma.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mark is back in his room and the Onologists have visited. They ruled out Lukemia and most Lymphomas. Two undeslosed items for which they tested will not post results until Wednesday. While in surgery they placed a pic line which atually is a double valve line allowing them to extract blood while introducing medsthrough the same line. That is causing Mark considerable pain. His meds were changed to help with both pain and nausea.

Currently Marky is sedated and in a deep sleep. He will need to have fluid drained from his abdoman as it seems to be impinging on lung function and causing his sats to be low.

I will feed additional information as soon as it is received.

Mark is headed to surgery for his Bone Marrow Biopsy. This after a night of throwing up and discomfort.

Lynette was the parent-on-duty through the night. Lori and Diane are arranging the schedule for tonite and tomorrow but it is unlikely Lynette will stay away.

Thank you for your comments and kindnesses.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Today so far has been a pretty good day off for Mark with simply the usual pokes and prods but no torture sessions.

Mark maintains his sense of humor through it all but misses his friends and brothers.

Sam Jeanes is feeling the uncertainty of the crazy schedule and moving about from place to place but he too is a solid citizen.

Mark Jeanes having been originally scheduled for the bone marrow biopsy today, December 19, was thrilled to hear that he will instead have to wait until tomorrow: his parents however were not so thrilled. Seems that they are tired of the stay and the unknown, to wit; the original diagnosis that the oncology team was 90% certain of was Burkitt's Lymphoma. They now have redacted that "for sure diagnosis" in favor of the the, "who knows diagnosis." The Gold Standard of Leukemia and Lymphoma diagnostics is the Bone Marrow Biopsy and that (they say) will either definitively say there is or isn't a cancer. Can you imagine the emotion James and Lynette are experiencing. Normally a person needs to purchase a roller-coaster ticket for this kind of ride.

Lynette wants all of you to know how deeply she appreciates the many kindnesses and thoughts and prayers everyone has put forth.

Friday night:

First of all, Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support! This would be impossible to bear without your many kindnesses.

Tonite, Mark is more "perky" than I've seen him for days. We had a "field trip" to Intermountan Medical Center for a PET scan.

The report was that STILL a mass cannot be found! Only a train of Lymph nodes lit up on the scan on his neck. Apparently not "hot" enough to impress the Doc's.

So Sat. morning he will undergo a bone marrow biopsy to continue the "fishing expedition"!

In otherwords, the diagnosis of Burkitt's lymphoma has been deleted from his list. He returns to the "unsolved mystery" club.

He continues to maintain his stellar courage and will to fight. An example to all of us!

As we got back in the transport vehicle to return back to Primary"s, He informed the driver that "Primary'S" had burned down and that he should just drive us home instead!

Tonite each time his nurse enters the room, he pretends to have a seizure by shaking and gagging. When she reacts with shock, he gets a little grin of accomplishment!!!

I realize the high probability that his improved status today is a direct result of blessings upon him that have been pleaded for by all of you. And I send my warmest thanks and wishes for love and happiness in each of your families.

Goodnite, Marks mom

*post note (Saturday morning): The bone marrow biopsy has been postponed until tomorrow due to a high volume of emergency surgeries taking place at the hospital today.

Friday, December 18, 2009

This morning Mark is headed to InterMountain Hospital for a PET scan as the CT Scan last night was inconclusive.

Mark's Special Visitors

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please join us in a special fast for Mark and his family. Thank you!

Mark is having his second CT scan to pinpoint where everything is so they can start treating it. He will then be moved to the 4th floor oncology ward. Everyone is very impressed with the oncology team and feel like they are in good hands. James and Lynette are still finding things to smile about, but have definitely had their ups and downs on this wild ride. Phew, what a day! They were visited by some of the Grizzlies and some of Santa's dogs today. Ken has promised there will be pictures to follow. :) Visitors will be very limited now that they will be staying on the oncology floor, but please feel free to leave comments and encouraging words here for the Jeanes's. Let's all keep our hopes up and our prayers earnest! Thank you for your love and support thus far!

The oncology team has a preliminary diagnosis of Burkitt's Lymphoma. While this is a very fast growing tumor (which is why it has not shown up on any prior tests) it responds well to vinblastine. The complications are kidney problems so chemo is done in low doses so as not to kill the tumor too fast, thereby plugging the kidney.

I just got word that Mark is out of surgery. James, Lynette, Lori (Lynette's sister), and Ken (a close family friend) were there together in the waiting room. The news was not what anyone had hoped for or expected. Mark has lymphoma in his intestine. They are still not sure what kind it is, but what we have been told so far is that most of this type are treatable with a generally high success rate, so we need to be hopeful. They are awaiting some other test results and will likely then be moved to oncology, which is just one floor up from where they are right now in the same hospital. We'll keep updating as things change. Keep praying!

Mark had an ultrasound and we are awaiting results. He goes to surgery around 11:15 today. He had a rough night but right now he is doing fine.

Please remember Mark in your prayers. Today he gets a Laproscope to asses abdomen and GI track. The MRI shows nothing conclusive. They may at the same time put in a feeding tube.
Thanks to All


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mark had a cranial MRI late this afternoon and as of 7:40 PM no results have been received. He continues to be unable to hold down food and is receiving nourishment through the vein.
Tomorrow @ 11:00 AM mark is scheduled for an abdominal Lapcroscopy or as Lynette likes to call it, "3 hole punch"
This again is exploratory in nature. The Infectious Disease Team today ruled out any known issues of this nature.

--Ken Crocheron

Wednesday Update

I talked to Lynette earlier this afternoon. She said Mark was lethargic all day yesterday but perked up when she got there after work. She had to go to work yesterday since she has already missed so much and was at work again today but the doctors called her back to the hospital to discuss options and make some decisions. Mark has been having a hard time even holding his head up and lifting his arms. The plan today was to put in a J-tube (Jejunostomy Tube ), which is a type of feeding tube. The primary reason for use of the J-Tube is to bypass the stomach and to be fed directly into the intestinal tract. Lynette wanted me to add that the only reason that they were going to do this was because she had a stern talking to with the doctor last night after he suggested they wait a few more days to go ahead with it. She put her foot down because she sits there all day watching her boy loosing weight and not keeping anything down for days, even vomiting green bile. So that was the plan until just 30 minutes ago. They were in the process of putting the feeding tube in but the surgeon came in and said to wait because he wants to do exploratory surgery tomorrow. So they are holding off one more day and Lynette is not planning to go to work the rest of this week.

This website has been set up to keep friends and family updated on the latest on Mark Jeanes and his condition and care. I live next door to the Jeanes family and set this up with their permission to keep loved ones up to date so they can spend their time with Mark and making decisions on his behalf. Everything I post will come directly from what James and Lynette ask me to post so the information will be straight from the source. Feel free to leave comments and encouraging words for the family. Thanks to everyone for their concern, prayers and continued service in behalf of this sweet boy and his wonderful family.

--Jana Harris