Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Missing Mary --

We've been getting ready for Christmas...setting up all the lights and Nativity sets.....

Where's Mary ? ?

Marky compromised and re-located our dancing dash Hula girl who was lately entertaining our two frogs on top of their aquarium.

They miss her.

Yes, it takes a village...and she seems more than willing to step in to fill the void until Mary finds her way back to the Manger.

Meantime.. all is well at the Jeanes home.

Marky has been well and feeling GREAT !

Sam made it to his first Utah Down's Syndrome Christmas party....

We've always been invited each year, but this is our first healthy year that we could all go...and that "Mom" didnt have to work late and could take everyone.

I started crying as soon as we walked into the party. !

Little faces of Angels everywhere !

All ages of precious Angels with Down's Syndrome ---

Overwhelming. Love. Gifts. Fortune. Treasures. Humility. Gratitude.

Just a few of the words that filled my heart on that night.

I felt unworthy to be in their world. Yet, I was. And for that I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for his mercy. To allow me this wonderful gift.

Hope your Holidays are filled with Joy and Peace.

Love, Lynette and Family