Monday, September 12, 2011

Author's Note: Refer to Sam's custom

bumper sticker..located a few clicks you read the post below !

Cookie Cutters has Caller-I.D. !

Saturday morning I tried calling "Cookie Cutter's" Hair cut's fer kids.

It's one of those fun places where they have kiddie cars and airplanes and firetrucks to sit in whilst a very underpaid "hair technician" attempts to buzz the screaming, kicking, spitting patron.

I let the phone ring extra long, thinking they were busy with another enemy combative.

They never answered...nope. Just rang and rang.

I hung up the phone.

That's when it dawned on me....

They must've gotten caller-I.D. !

Sam's name and number probably sets off the sirens and warning lights to, most likely, every Cookie Cutter franchise in the intermountain west !

The "procedure" typically requires two restraining volunteers.....Okay...bribed is more like it.

Uncle Ken, who is formally trained in combat technics, is usually guilted into attending the scrimage, assisted by either James or myself.

Prior to the session, I mentally go down my list of friends, wondering who might have a Valium or some other controlled substance of a sedative nature....

I inevitably come up with a big "zilch" with that idea, and just end up calling Jonah's mom for an emergency Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper. She is always prepared for a crisis !

This time, since there was no response when I tried to fore-warn the cutters, I was left with no choice but to "drop-in"...A suprise ambush, if you will.

Ken ranks the Sam hair-cut experience just as, or more, challenging than any fire fight he's ever been in!

After the "exchange of wills ", Sam's face is full of little red dots (burst blood vessels) from the growling and angst. Once he even burst a vessel in his eye!

Uncle ken usually gives Sam a victory ride on his Harley afterward and pretty soon....all is forgotten !

Not me, I need to go home and lay down and watch Pride and Prejudice in a dark quiet place and pretend I'm not me...just for a few minutes..can't I ???

So for those of you out there with caller ID...

Next time you are receiving a call from the Jeanes People and it rings and rings on my end...

I know what you're thinkin!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Here's a few pic's from Labor Day Weekend.

We went to Bear Lake..or as Marky used to say...

"Bare Leg" !!

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Mom..Scotty's trying to break your other leg now!"

Here's what that's all about..

Two weeks ago on a Sat. morning, James was trying to be a "day sleeper"....(He's working graveyard's and makes a mostly unsuccessful attempt to sleep during the day!)

I'm in the kitchen trying not to bang the pots and pans, when I hear Scotty's bass booming downstairs in the basement. He's rockin out to something.

Well, I did what every mom HAS to do (cause we were born to do it)...I flew down the stairs to his room to yell at him to "Turn that music down !!"

In my haste, I missed the last two stairs and rolled my ankle. YEEEOOOUUUCCHH !

I was sure it was broken. Scotty felt horrible and ran to get the "ice and ace"..(ace bandage wrap thingy).

I milked as much sympathy and guilt as I could out of him. Walked around in one of those klonkey black walking boot contraptions for a week or so. According to my $200.00 co-pay at the ER, It was not broken, just yanked real good !

So last night when I got home from work, Marky and I were standing in the kitchen chatting about his day, And Marky stops and listens and says...

"Mom, Scott's trying to break your other leg !"

I said,"what'r you talking about ?"

He said, "Listen....."

Then I hear Scott's bass boomin again !