Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Today, some " wish-granter's " showed up at Marky's house !

He was presented with a full Army uniform ! A few minutes later,
a truck and some guys showed up and started building a military
base in the backyard !

It looks like a "basic training" camp is sprouting right in our very
own backyard !

We've been watching the whole process unfold throughout the day.

We'll see what else "covertly" rolls in !

Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010 in Marky's world --

Marky is doing GREAT ! He's been buzzin around the neighborhood with his buddies having a fun summer.

Speaking of Buzz's......Our next door neighbor, Jana, gave Marky the customary "summer buzz cut" on Monday ! She lined up all the neighborhood boys out on her front porch, James included, and buzzed em all ! Sam kept acting like HE was gonna be next, standing there like a little puppy wagging his tail for a treat ! Then as the barber stool was made available each time, he ran for the hills !

So, Sam is the only guy within miles without a buzz, currently. I've been debating the "get him while he's sleeping" technique ......will get back to you on that !

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday the 16th of July in Marky's World--

Last night two REALLY COOL guys showed up at our door to interview Marky about his Make-A-Wish !

One guy (Pat) had a camera, and the other guy (Mike) was the
designated "interviewer".

They were great. Mike wanted to know all about Marky and how
he came up with the idea that an ARMY JEEP would be the PERFECT

The camera guy, Pat, handed the fuzzy microphone to Mike, who aimed it in Markys direction.

We all sat with great anticipation of a descriptive stream of verbage from Marky illustrating himself playing in his backyard on a real army jeep, protecting the universe from all evil-doers !...........

Then it happened------------

The thing a mother always fears when someone asks her child a leading question that would encourage him to speak eloquently and time-consuming ( like they do when no one else is around to see it)..............

THE " shoulder shrug "! ! ! !

Yep, he sat there like a bump on a log ! But that's a different story !

When Sam realized that the weird fuzzy thing was actually a Microphone, HE started chirping ! He was giving HIS version of all of it ! In his own native tongue, of course, that only angels can interpret. We had to keep shushing him. Which did not bode well with Sam !

Eventually, our two new friends convinced Mark and Scott to re-enact some battle maneuvers in the backyard with their army gear on. Marky came alive !

The most entertaining part was watching Pat, the camera guy, run around trying to follow Mark as he hunted down the enemy, Scotty !

These two guys were fantastic. They will be streaming their pod-casted story of Marky sometime in early August on the web with DICK NOURSE, the newscaster celebrity.

We SO appreciated their time and interest in our "Little Warrior". I think all my boys are "Warriors" for trudging onward through all of our "steep hills" and "deep valleys" .

I found a patriotic holiday decor door hanging thing thats red-white-and blue......I hung it in the kitchen....................

Painted on the front it says: "HOME OF THE BRAVE "...........

....Says it all, if you ask me .

Friday, July 9, 2010

Marky is the little guy in the white t-shirt -- green beret -- front center.
Scott is the cool guy with the "aviator" shades and the "brain bucket" on seated to Marks left.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Im working on trying to figure out how to
enlarge these pics...... be patient w/ me.

I called my blog expert, Jana Harris, to fix
it. ! She's a life saver.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6th 2010----

Yesterday Marky rode in the "Freedom Festival Parade" down in Provo, UT.

He was invited, thru the "make-a-wish" granters, to ride on a WWII army tank!

The Military had numerous entries in the parade. This giant, magnificent,
"Hellcat" tank had actually been in theater at the Battle of the Bulge !

It was a grand honor to have my boys (Scotty got to ride next to him) seated
where great Heroes had ridden so many years earlier to protect and ensure
the freedoms we hold so dear today.

As I stood proudly beaming, I realized that My Marky and Scotty were among
others of rank as well.......

President Monson was a guest in the Parade too ! Along with several political
personalities such as Orrin Hatch, Jason Chaffetz, and tons of ranking Military
officers in highly decorated uinforms.....

There was a troop of "special needs" scouts that rode in style in the back of
a "deuce and a half" military transport. Now that was like seeing a gathering
of Angels among .....the rest of us. My Sammy went right up to them and waved
to his compatriots ! I told the troop leader that Sammy would be riding with
them someday, i was sure !

My point is, Marky (and Scott) were right up there with the best of them. They are equally as "valiant" and deserving to be riding "high" with all those "heroes" !

I realize many of you know kids, and adults, who have suffered greatly from illnes
and trials. Many far greater than my boys. Would that EACH of them, too, could be recognized as our Marky has been.

It was an honor and great priveledge to watch. I am so grateful to have been there and have that opportunity to see Marky have fun.

A beautiful sight that i never wouldve imagined in a million years! If you were to tell me back in December 2009, that my Marky would ride on a tank.... in a parade.... on the 4th of July.....I wouldve thrown you outa the hospital room and yelled.......
......"AND STAY OUT !"

Love you all------"proud mom"

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday July 2nd, 2010--

On Wednesday, Marky had his EGD.."scope down the throat" !

He sailed through it like a champ. Never flinched as the nurse placed the IV in his pock marked arm.

Dr. Janet Harnsberger was the "approved by Humana" Doc who did the procedure. She was a dear sweet lady. She had been one of the earliest docs to look at Marky when he first entered PCMC way back in the beginning of December.

She was one of the early "head-scratchers" who passed him off to the next team in line. She had printed off all of Marks records the night before this scope, to brush up on his history. She was quite impressed with all he'd endured and even more impressed with his triumphant victory !

Today the results came back of the biopsies that were done on his stomach and esophagus during the scope.

NOT A SINGLE ABNORMAL FINDING ! ! All the cells looked like a normal kids cells. NOT A TRACE OF weird spindle cell tumor gunk least on the inside of his stomach.

Of course, as you may remember, they only saw the nasty stuff when they did the "exploratory surgery" and opened him up...and it was all caked on the OUTSIDE of his organs.

But on his previous EGD, there were some clumps of "blunted" cells that resembled celiac villae. Except that Celiac disease is usually diffuse, or widely spread all over the stomach cells, not just clumped and blunted.

Okay, thats too much technical stuff for me too.....
But it still sounds positive....


However, We are ordered by the Docs to remain Gluten free for now. Dr. Pohl doesnt want to take any chances on a resurgence of trouble.

The root of all this is STILL unknown and all precautions will be met with gusto to insure the supression of "what-ever-it-is" that attacked my little prince.

I wish all of Markys buddys a great 4th of July ! And WE LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOUR CONCERN FOR OUR DEAR BOY !