Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Missing Mary --

We've been getting ready for Christmas...setting up all the lights and Nativity sets.....

Where's Mary ? ?

Marky compromised and re-located our dancing dash Hula girl who was lately entertaining our two frogs on top of their aquarium.

They miss her.

Yes, it takes a village...and she seems more than willing to step in to fill the void until Mary finds her way back to the Manger.

Meantime.. all is well at the Jeanes home.

Marky has been well and feeling GREAT !

Sam made it to his first Utah Down's Syndrome Christmas party....

We've always been invited each year, but this is our first healthy year that we could all go...and that "Mom" didnt have to work late and could take everyone.

I started crying as soon as we walked into the party. !

Little faces of Angels everywhere !

All ages of precious Angels with Down's Syndrome ---

Overwhelming. Love. Gifts. Fortune. Treasures. Humility. Gratitude.

Just a few of the words that filled my heart on that night.

I felt unworthy to be in their world. Yet, I was. And for that I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for his mercy. To allow me this wonderful gift.

Hope your Holidays are filled with Joy and Peace.

Love, Lynette and Family

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Shoulder Doesnt Hurt Anymore !

Phew, that's a relief.

Thanks to my "little sister"...(by a VERY important 5 minutes)...

....My shoulder stopped hurting this afternoon.... right about the time SHE got a giant Cortizone shot in HER shoulder !

Yep, it's a Twin thing.

At least that's my opinion.

About 26 years ago something similar happened.

I was at work. My lower leg was killing me...like shin-splint-killing me.

I was whining about it all morning and went home early and couched my sore leg.

Then the phone rang with a report that my Sis had been in a 3 wheeler accident and broke her leg and yanked the other one pretty bad, too.

I won't say out loud who the perpetrator was in that calamity, but she has shared his last name for 25 years despite the "warning siren" (so to speak) set off by that fateful tumble !

Our leg eventually got better. I spent that whole summer helping my Twin with everyday life as she was restricted by casts from foot to hips on BOTH legs !

I remember trying to wash her hair as she layed in bed. My mom would get tons of towels and a big plastic drop cloth from my Dad's paint supplies.

Her casts were such that her legs wouldnt bend. Therefore eliminating the idea that she could maneuver around the corner into the bathroom to ...eliminate ! You can guess that I had all kinds of unfriendly names for that Potty Seat next to her bed !

Prior to that, while Lori was on her Mission to the great state of Indiana, we each sent each other the same birthday card. We have duplicated that routine several times.

We've tricked every one from school teachers, boyfriends, Lyle..when he was juiced up on Lortabs with a tweaked back, to dear ol' Dad and, when they were little, Lori's own set of Twin girls !

The web site that comes up when you Google "Twin ESP phenomenon" sites all this cool telepathic stuff about us...then at the end it states that it's all most likely just co-incidental happenings.

To that, I say to my Favorite sister ( I know, she's my only sister..but I can still say it..it's MY blog)...

One of my most beloved treasures in life is my Twin sis, who accompanied me on our sojourn...

....coincidentally !


Hey...I was just thinkin.....

My bank account's empty and so is my gas tank ----

Ya think she'll pick up on that ESP and "fill er up" ?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Author's Note: Refer to Sam's custom

bumper sticker..located a few clicks
down..as you read the post below !

Cookie Cutters has Caller-I.D. !

Saturday morning I tried calling "Cookie Cutter's" Hair cut's fer kids.

It's one of those fun places where they have kiddie cars and airplanes and firetrucks to sit in whilst a very underpaid "hair technician" attempts to buzz the screaming, kicking, spitting patron.

I let the phone ring extra long, thinking they were busy with another enemy combative.

They never answered...nope. Just rang and rang.

I hung up the phone.

That's when it dawned on me....

They must've gotten caller-I.D. !

Sam's name and number probably sets off the sirens and warning lights to, most likely, every Cookie Cutter franchise in the intermountain west !

The "procedure" typically requires two restraining volunteers.....Okay...bribed is more like it.

Uncle Ken, who is formally trained in combat technics, is usually guilted into attending the scrimage, assisted by either James or myself.

Prior to the session, I mentally go down my list of friends, wondering who might have a Valium or some other controlled substance of a sedative nature....

I inevitably come up with a big "zilch" with that idea, and just end up calling Jonah's mom for an emergency Diet Coke or Dr. Pepper. She is always prepared for a crisis !

This time, since there was no response when I tried to fore-warn the cutters, I was left with no choice but to "drop-in"...A suprise ambush, if you will.

Ken ranks the Sam hair-cut experience just as, or more, challenging than any fire fight he's ever been in!

After the "exchange of wills ", Sam's face is full of little red dots (burst blood vessels) from the growling and angst. Once he even burst a vessel in his eye!

Uncle ken usually gives Sam a victory ride on his Harley afterward and pretty soon....all is forgotten !

Not me, I need to go home and lay down and watch Pride and Prejudice in a dark quiet place and pretend I'm not me...just for a few minutes..can't I ???

So for those of you out there with caller ID...

Next time you are receiving a call from the Jeanes People and it rings and rings on my end...

I know what you're thinkin!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Here's a few pic's from Labor Day Weekend.

We went to Bear Lake..or as Marky used to say...

"Bare Leg" !!

Friday, September 2, 2011

"Mom..Scotty's trying to break your other leg now!"

Here's what that's all about..

Two weeks ago on a Sat. morning, James was trying to be a "day sleeper"....(He's working graveyard's and makes a mostly unsuccessful attempt to sleep during the day!)

I'm in the kitchen trying not to bang the pots and pans, when I hear Scotty's bass booming downstairs in the basement. He's rockin out to something.

Well, I did what every mom HAS to do (cause we were born to do it)...I flew down the stairs to his room to yell at him to "Turn that music down !!"

In my haste, I missed the last two stairs and rolled my ankle. YEEEOOOUUUCCHH !

I was sure it was broken. Scotty felt horrible and ran to get the "ice and ace"..(ace bandage wrap thingy).

I milked as much sympathy and guilt as I could out of him. Walked around in one of those klonkey black walking boot contraptions for a week or so. According to my $200.00 co-pay at the ER, It was not broken, just yanked real good !

So last night when I got home from work, Marky and I were standing in the kitchen chatting about his day, And Marky stops and listens and says...

"Mom, Scott's trying to break your other leg !"

I said,"what'r you talking about ?"

He said, "Listen....."

Then I hear Scott's bass boomin again !


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I got Dissed !

The first day of school is always a big anxiety producer, especially for ME ! I think its from my own childhood memories of being split up from my Twin sis in the Third grade! That's a whole other "twin twister" subject..some other time!

Anywho, I'm standing in the chaotic cluster of 4 foot tall 4th graders all wondering where to line up for the teacher to come present herself and claim them into her stewardship....

When all of the sudden, as my grip was unconciously tightening on sweet Marky's hand....

Marky looked up at me and politely asked me if I wouldn't mind standing "over there" ....as his eyes indicated the direction of the grass with all the other mom's who were banished from hovering, too !

What ? Well I nevah ! ! (as my beloved Southern belle mother would say)!

I can't really say, never. But it sounded good.

Cause last year I got thrown off of the Alta High campus by Scotty after I took his picture in front of every Alta sign and every door and asked him if he needed more lunch money . You know, all the stalling tactics... It was his first day of High School !

I even called him on his cell phone after he went inside the school and tried to get him to come back out for more pictures!

Very tenderly, he said..."Mom, would you just go home already!" I circled around the school a couple of times in the car and finally gave up and went straight for a Diet Coke!

Back to Marky..After the "teacher-reveal", and the bell rang, Marky marched right in without even looking back ! I was crushed...in a Joyous way !

So far, that's how each day has been. No reportable incidents. No nothin !

On another "Angelic note"...

Sam has begun first grade. Yup, all day! I'm sure it's an adjustment for him. He's used to eating 3 or 4 breakfasts, 2 or 3 snacks, then 1 or 2 lunches..all before 11 am!

He comes home raving hungry and thirsty. Yet he seems happy. Another wonder of wonders- child of mine!

This year Scott is a Junior. He just asked a sweet young lady to the Homecoming dance! She even said, Yes! I'm so proud of him and the handsome, valiant young man he is becoming. Another wonder !

I'm sure all of you have similar stories in your hearts. I think of all of you who have been so important in our lives and have helped us and supported us and prayed for us.

I thank you with all my heart. I wish you all health and happiness.

Love, MarkyandSamandScottsmom

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011

My neighbor, Ken, came over yesterday.

He has this new i-phone thingy that does all sorts of cool stuff.

He just had to show me some of the "apps". One of which that would play any song you wanted, PLUS you could view the sheet music at the same time, PLUS the phone has a little kick stand that you can set it up on the table like a picture frame of sorts. Amazing, Cool stuff.

I said....

"Oh yeah...that's nothin !"

"Last night, I got Sammy to EAT PIZZA ! "

And, he loved it...ate almost the whole delicious cardboardy, frozen, buy 5 pizzas for a dollar at Wal-Mart kind !

As previously reported, Sam IS very discriminating in his cuisine selection. So, this was a huge advancement in his "apps" !

Ken put his phone down at that point and agreed with enthusiasm...

"Yep, you're right..THAT'S amazing, Cool stuff !"

Now for a Summer update:

1. Marky has stayed well all summer!

2. He turned 9 on July 31st !

3. July 30th was his one year anniversary for his Jeep Make-a-wish!

4. Marky and his parents got to ride in a Hum-Vee in the PIONEER DAY PARADE on the 25th of July! He was dressed in all his Army geer, complete with beret and a chest full of medals. He was very popular with the photographers. Had his picture taken with the "Parade Royalty" ! Hoorah Marky !

5. Scott, Age 16, received his Patriarchal Blessing also on Sunday the 31st ! A very special day for him.

Marky is very pleased with all the significant things that occur on the 31st...His cousin, Brookie, was married last year on his birthday...Scotty got his P. Blessing on his birthday...And most honorable and noteworthy is that Marky shares his birthday with his beloved maternal Grandmother Huff !

They have celebrated their birthdays almost every single year together. Grandma Huff has scheduled her visits to Utah around their special day. This has become a sweet bond between them.

This year Grandma Huff became an Octogenarian ! (is there an "o" in the middle of that? or is it an "a" ??) She joins that rank with the grace and style that only a Southern Belle can!

We love her and honor her.

Hope all your summer "soire's" are sensational !

Love from Marky's camp.

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st, 2011

We are REALLY GOING ALL OUT, this time !!

I mean, we dont splurge....hardly ever.

But we deserve luxury, every now and then, who doesnt?

Yep, we're leaving the city limits and headin for the destination resort of just about anyone's dreams....


It's a 22.5 mile trip up I-15 to Farmington Utah.

22.5 miles is a pretty daring venture, dont ya think?

I mean, compared to our trip a couple of weeks ago ! When we pulled the trailer ALL THE WAY from the side of the house to the driveway!


Life's good....no one is ill or afflicted with active disease !

Hope you all are "LIVIN' THE DREAM", too !

Love, Nettie

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25th, 2011

We just got back from our "STAYCATION".

You know, instead of a "Vacation", you just stay !

Yup, James pulled the trailer out into the drive way, ran an extension cord out and plugged it in.

Took the hose and hooked it up to the hook-ups for some running water and more importantly...flushing...you know...

Marky and the guys hauled the TV and the X-box out and got that going. A giant bag of Doritos for Sam, some Creme Soda in the little fridge for Marky and.....Yee-haw!

An awesome Staycation !

Of course, the neighbors all speculated that James was in the dog-house and banished to spending a few nights incarcerated in the trailer for violations of......oh pick just about anything....and he will have violated the terms and conditions !! JK (just kidding)

Not this time, though. He was not guilty of any charges.

Yeah, we looked like pure red-necks, all camped out in the front yard!

You know the joke, ..."If you mow yer yard and find a car....YOU might be a red-neck !

That's us, "Those Jeanes People".

So to all-ya'll : Be true to yerselfs and pull that trailer out in yer yard. heck, drag a couch out, too !

Now that would be a "Staycation" with true style and class!

Monday, June 13, 2011


School's out 4 Summer !

Our latest "Strep chapter" is over !

Life's good !

Marky's been meeting with a "Talk Doc". He's a guy that is good with kids that have been through traumatic stuff.

He has done an amazing job with Marky. The "Pain" has seemed to subside. This talk doc has helped Mark sort of put his pain in a little box, and keep it there.

During the first session, the doc asked Marky what he thinks about when his pain comes on.

Marky sat there and sat there thinking...

Then he said, " I think I'm gonna have to go back up there, and almost die, again".

Oh geez !


Apparently, our anxiety 's are feeding off each other.

So we've been re-structuring our so called..... thinking !

Hope you guys are off to a great start for a fun, HEALTHY summer !

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday's Tonsil sTories --

Dr. Marky, once again has accurately diagnosed himself with...
this may come as a surprise.....

Strep throat ! Ugh !

Started yesterday with an 0915 phone call from the school.

I had just dropped him off 15 minutes earlier and was pumping my fist....all the kids gone to school...and ive gotta day off ! Yahoo, the possiblities were overflowing ! Especially with the new "Pirates" movie out !...(Johnny Depp---oh yeah)

"Marky's here in the office, he says he just threw up."

And that was "that".

The positive strep test at Dr. Stampfl's today is the LAST STRAW !

I'm plotting the demise of those offending tonsils!

Will probably hire the same mercenary that whacked Sam's tonsils years ago.

NINE times this school year, those derelict tonsils have harbored that repeat offender, "Strep". . That's once a stinking month !

Oh, the wonders of a non-existent immune system!

Friday, May 20, 2011

"The GobStopper Maneuver"

Last night Marky casually said..."Mom, I saved my own life today."

I wasnt really paying attention, you know, the multi-tasking zone you get in after working a 12 hour day, then coming home to a house-full of....well, just a ..."house full of" ! ! !

He says, " I was suckin on one of those Willy Wonka Gobstoppers and I breathed in and it got stuck in my wind pipe "

At THAT point, my ears perked up ! Now he had my attention !

I tried to calmly say, "What'd you do?"

He said, "well, I couldn't talk or breathe, so I just walked over to the drinking fountain and tried to take a swallow."

"Then, I grabbed myself under my ribs and shoved my fists upward and...POP ! The thing shot straight out ! "

My eyes were popping outa my head !!!

I raised my voice to him and said, "Marky, we just got you through this life threatening disease, and you lived ! You better not die NOW from a little half inch piece of candy ! !"

I guess all that time spent in the hospital watching their "Health Channel" episodes on CPR and lifesaving techniques paid off for Marky !

He was pretty proud of himself for saving himself !

Glad he paid attention to the TV and remembered the "Gobstopper remover maneuver" !

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Translated means:

I am Sam !

What else could it possibly mean !

For those of you who arent in geographical proximity to us, Sam is still mostly using his "Verbal Approximation" skills!

He refers to himself as "Yam"...simple and very original.

Tonight as the 3 boys and i knelt for prayer, I sarcastically, (I know, that's not my nature!), asked Sam if he wanted to say the prayer.

He said, "Yeah".

So the other two guys and I looked at each other and shrugged, "this is gonna be good" !

Just then, Sam launched into the most beautiful, fervent prayer i've ever heard.

It was a sincere and VERY verbal demonstration of love and communication from an earthly angel to his Father above.

It lasted a good couple of minutes. I could've listened forever !

We were taught, spiritually, from an angel tonight what prayers are meant to be.

We couldnt understand a word.

If Sam could speak (our language, not his), I wonder if we would be spiritually on a level to grasp, or even deserve to know what he knows ?

Think about that for a second or two..

I whisper in Sam's ear every night as I lay him in his bed, "Thank you for coming to me, Sam."

I realize what a gift he is.

What gifts EACH of our children are.

I'm going to try harder to deserve my gifts.

Goodnite, everybody.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Half Inch of Butter"-Day---

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day.

It's a "mixed feeling's" kind of day for alot of people. I get that.

I decided to try to make it just what it was intended to be, just honor your Momma, the end !

I started the day calling my beloved Mother in Phoenix and thanking her for bringing me into this world...and for accepting her role and magnifying her role at that!

I went out for an early morning walk before anyone even got up at my house. I love the early dawn hours when its peaceful and quiet.

I came home and made scrambled eggs for Sammy, gluten free pancakes for Marky. Scott and James still slumbered at that point.

Then, I got BACK in bed, so Marky ( he insisted!) could bring me breakfast in bed !

It was "gourmet" Raisin Bran Crunch ! Then two pieces of toast arrived with at least a half inch of butter !

Oh man was I pampered !

Life is good !

Hope all of you had a "Half inch of butter" kind of day, too !

You deserve it !

Love, Netti

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday the 7th of May--

The other day Scotty came to me, very solemly and concerned.

This week in his health class the subject of male/female reproduction is the topic ! .....

I can hear you all laughing ! Me too !

He said, "Mom, can you write me an excuse to get out of class on Friday?"

I said, "How come?"

He said, "Well, yesterday they talked about the female reproductive system and I got all clammy and sweaty and i thought i was gonna throw up ! I had to ask the teacher for a hall pass, and then I just waited around outside till I thought they were done. "

Then he said, "And today they're talking about the male end of things, And tomorrow is the "talk" about.. you know !"

He said, "I remember back in Jr. High when they did the maturation talk, but that was with all the guys in one room and the girls in another!, now we're all together in the same room !"

He said, " I dont mind talking about the "bee's", but I dont like hearing about how they "Pollinate" !"

Chuckle, chuckle !

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hi to all of Marky's friends !

We are home from Cincinnati !

Marky managed to emerge victorious !

The specialist reported that his colon is working well. No blockages or kinks noted. !

Hurray for that news ! Doesnt explain where his pain is coming from, however.

The Dr.s answer to that is ...."to approach his pain from a psychological standpoint now."

He said Mark had been through so much trauma, that likely, any pain sends Marky's young brain into panic that thinks , "OH NO !, There's that pain back, I'm gonna almost die again!".

This is apparently common in a lot of chronic illness kids, and adults i'm sure.

So we'll go that route, for now. And go back to the accupuncture guy and see where that gets us.

HOWEVER ----The JEEP is UNCOVERED and the "Captain" is back in command at his base-camp !

There have been steady droves of "would-be" recruits looking for a chance to enlist in Marky's corp of soldiers !

All is well in Marky's world !

A huge shout-out to my sweet niece, Erin, for all of her love and service while we were in Cincinnati. She drove down from Columbus (2 hr. drive) and stayed 5 days with us to shepherd us around.

Marky loved spending time with his cousin that he doesnt see nearly enough.

The Saturday before we flew back home, Erin's husband, Ben, even drove down from Columbus to hang out w/ us for the day ! We went to the Zoo and, of course, McDonald's...(gluten free Angus Burgers arent all that bad..just order em between two giant leaves of lettuce).

Ben was great with Marky. I know Mark really was missing his Dad and brothers by then, so Ben stepped up and filled in the cracks !

Thanks also to all of you for your prayers and love and donations that helped get us there...and back !

Love you all, Markysmom

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday report from "Battlefield: Cincinnati Children's Hosp--

What a magnificent hospital !
We flew in Tuesday and got to stay at the Ronald McDonald House just across the street from the Hospital.

It's the 3rd largest RMH in the country. It's like Disneyland here for these kids. They role out the red-carpet and take care of everything for these families who are here from out of town. It's all charity and volunteers. Unbelievable spirit of love as soon as you walk in the front door.

This hospital is #1 in the country for GI /Colo-rectal disorders. We are in the best hands here.

Marky spent all day yesterday and today "prepping" for the scopes he just had.

First off the bat, they shoved an Naso-gastric tube down his nose----after the THIRD TRY ! Not so fun.

Then they ran the "clean-out" stuff straight into his stomach, so he wouldnt have to drink 2 gallons of it.

I'm pretty sure he wouldve rather tried to drink 50 gallons than sit around with an NG tube for a day and a half!

After that the IV came. THEN the colonic-irrigation tactics several times throughout the night and this morning.

He maintained his dignity and amazingly tolerated it all with his never-ending courage and valor !

What a "Giant Warrior" he is !

Nothing "Little" about him !

His courage is "Giant".
His spirit is "Giant".
His will is "Giant".

The GI Dr here just came out after the scope's and reported that it all went well. The scope maneuvered throught the entire colon with ease, which is re-assuring.

Now they leave in the rubber tubing threaded thru the entire colon over nite.

This special tubing has sensors all through it that will monitor how well his colon "moves" and sloshes stuff thru.

His word's : "THERE'S A SNAKE IN MY BUTT !"

Tomorrow AM, they come back and have him eat, then monitor the colon as it processes.

Should take several hours, then they will un-thread it out, and we bust outa there. !

I appreciate all the prayers and concern coming from all over the country for our sweet "warrior" .

The Lord knows him, and I believe his band of angel's are near.

Love, Lynette

(posted at his request:))

Monday, April 25, 2011

hello all blogers marky reporting in I have STREP THROAT AGAIN!! not fun AT ALL! we are still going 2 ohio tomorrow!

but I did hike to Delicate Arch last week! and i went 2 dead horse point it was 6,000 ft high i looked of the edge i got light headed well thats it good by

Hi to All of Marky's "Angels"!

Today's the day before our trip to Cincinnati !

We're excited to go and get some answers--hopefully !

Yes -----Marky will be taking his cell phone if you want to leave txts for him !

Of course, I'm freaking out with the stress of it all !

My niece in Ohio will be ushering us and coordinating all the details...thank goodness for her !

She's been handling the Ronald McDonald House reservations for us ,too !

She gave me some very sound and wise advice this morning :

Netti--- just drink two Diet-Coke's and put the rest in the Lord's hands !

Love that niece of mine !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Some of "Marky's Friends" have generously and anonymously donated into his Charitable account to help with the Cincinnati trip !

Thank you thank you thank you !

You are SO appreciated and Loved for your kindness !

We are hopefully staying at the Ronald McDonald house the night we fly in, Tues. Marky's looking forward to that. Looks like an amazing place according to their web-site.

Wed. morning we check in at the hospital.

Cincinnati Children's Hosp. is the largest children's hospital in the country. They've got the best of the best. According to our GI guy here at PCMC.

I am prayerfully hopeful that some answers will be found to help our sweet "little warrior".

Wednesday the 20th of April...

The big boys have gone to Moab !

Mark, Scott and his best bud, Eric, with James have hit the trail
for a few days !

Left behind is Sam and Mom !

Im using my "time-off" from work to go to Cincinnati next week, so its just a "Guy" trip this week !

Marky was so excited to go to Moab. His plans are to hike to the Delicate Arch ! We'll see how that goes.! He of ALL people could DO IT ! It's James that I worry about, keeping up !

Marky's climbed more mountains than any of us put together in this last two years !

Go Marky !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday April 13th--

Flight plans are in place for our trip to Cincinnati !

Just Mark and Mom are going....tooooo pricey to take anyone else !

Marky has a "favorite" cousin that lives in Columbus (i think) Ohio.

She has graciously offered to meet us at the airport and haul us to the hospital !

She's also going to hang out with us while we're there and make sure those "Ohioan's" show us a good time ! Ha Ha

Can't see how spending 3 days in a hospital, gettin a scope shoved.....anywhere...could be a good time !

My "favorite" brother also lives in Ohio, about 4 hrs away. He may make the trek to come see us, as well ! He only travels to places if there is a good IKEA store nearby ! He likes the Swedish Meatball special at the deli/cafe thingy !

Marky and Sam are done with this round of Strep.

The Dr. is suggesting that we have Markys tonsils taken out in the future..to combat the recurring strep.!

That's kindof down the list of must-do's right now !

Sammy had HIS tonsils and adenoid's out when he was 6 mo. old to help with his pulmonary hypertension and small airway associated with Down's Guys.

That was SUPPOSED to reduce HIS strep occurences..... Of course, Sam is the exception to every rule and expectation !

Redundancy is SO boring, anyway.....is that how you spell redundancy? .....I dont think i've ever used that word in a sentence in my LIFE !

Love to all Marky's friends !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday the 8th of April-- Hi to all of Marky's friends.

We're going to Cincinnati !

There's a specialist there that does some kind of "Scope" on the colon to look for weird stuff that doesnt belong there.

Marky's Primary Children's Doc recommended we go.

I will "GO and DO" anything to help find relief for Marky's undiagnosible pain.

We will go at the end of April...the last week.

Of course, insurance will only pay 50%. And i'm hoping for good weather in the next two weeks so we can have a yard sale to pay for the travel expenses !

Marky and Sam have had Strep throat all this week to boot.

Just another average week at the Jeanes home !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On a lighter, much more deserving note:

Read down 3 posts ago for a beautiful tribute to Marky.

Cathy Wallace has done it again with her creativity and love for dear Marky.

I, as always, continue to be amazed and inspired by our dear son's courage and determination.

He IS like that Jeep! Goes anywhere, climbs any mountain, thwarts any obstacle !.. Over and over.

Also, to all of Marky's true friends:

I apologize for taking so long to update the blog.

A very mean spirited person has used Marky's blog to Attack our family personally.

Many mean, hateful comments were left by this person on Markys blog.

How someone could justify using Marky's blog in this manner is beyond comprehension and defines this person in no other way but evil.

I will attempt to pursue the situation in other ways, rather than using a defenseless, innocent child's blog.

Sorry all of Marky's friends..... I messed up my blogging settings and all the sentences are running together ! My friend is going to try to fix in a few min.s ! I'm a computer dummy, incase you havent guessed already !

Here's a darling poem Cathy Wallace wrote--

Marky's Jeep

Whether he's awake or he's asleep,

Marky's dreaming of his jeep.

During times of war or quiet peace,

It's feats of bravery never cease.

See that mountain over there?

Others might just stop and stare.

But, to Marky's jeep, it's just a hill.

He can climb it standing still !

See that river running fast?

Some might need a boat and mast,

But, Marky's jeep can plow on through,

He'll drive up shore, right on cue !

See that canyon deep and wide?

Looks like trouble ! Run and Hide ?

No ! Marky's jeep goes up and down,

Soon he'll be pulling into town !

There's no stopping this machine,

Persistence like you've never seen !

So when life's incline seems too steep,

Consider a ride in Marky's jeep !

Love ya, Cathy

Sunday, March 13, 2011

this is Captain Mark Jeanes reporting for duty!

sam is doing a bit beter today he keeps trying to throw up but there is nothing left in his tummy!

he has not ate for 3 days.

I am geting ready 2 uncover the jeep for real this time!

ps sam is not watching buety and the beast!

Friday, March 11, 2011


marky and sam throwing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is marky reporting in .

sam in room on rocking chair watching beuty and the beast

Friday, March 4, 2011

PAIN HOLIDAY WITH MARKY: Marky's been suffering all week with his famous un-manageable abdomen pain. Can't take anything significant to help with the pain because the meds will "clog him up" ..... we don't need that, either. So last night, Thursday, as I layed on the bed next to him while he gripped my wrists and clenched his teeth and curled his toes in pain... We decided to "take a holiday"-- First we cruised around on Ken's Ol' Blue boat for awhile. Then we had the great idea to pretend it was warm enough to un-cover the Army Jeep and go riding on it. So we did. We had a GREAT time. He finally relaxed enough to fall asleep for a couple of hours. Then the pain hit again. As I tried to comfort him, helplessly, i prayed to Father in Heaven to help me understand why he must continue to suffer, over and over. What lesson is to be learned.....AGAIN. Why ? ....all those pleading questions that are futile...that will never perhaps be answered-- in this life. My mind wandered to music, of course. It was Les Miserables this time. The song of pleading called "Bring Him Home". If you dont know that one, its the guy with the chocolatey smooth tenor voice singing a prayer to let his son, or some guy like that, live. And petitioning HIS life for this young man's. To take him, instead...to bring the young boy home...let him live. Okay, that was a pathetic description of the passion of that song and the affect it had on me when I saw that play at the Capitol Theatre many years ago. You can all guess how my mind and heart was wrenching with the same pain of that guy in the musical. To no avail could my prayer be answered according to MY will ... As usual, I wait for "The lesson" to be learned. I'm not a very patient person.... I dont know if any of you know that about me. For now, I think i'll get back on Marky's Army Jeep and go for a ride with the wind in my hair..... maybe toss a grenade or two, or launch an RPG. Love to all Marky's friends

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday with the

'Markypedia" --

Sitting w Marky waiting for the numbing cream to take effect so we can give him his chemo shot in his leg.

He's had a good week, until yesterday. Starting to get the "crappy"-ness.

...again, achey all over....

I think we just need some warm, sunny weather to get here..and soon !

March is just a few days away...and another month closer to un-covering Markys jeep and polishing it up for the summer.

He had the great idea today, that we should put an invisible electronic fence around the perimeter of the yard to keep the "un-friendly's" from infiltrating !

That, along with his stringent regimen of "basic-training" that he puts the kids through before they can play, will surely keep the insurgent's back there to a minimum !

He received more acupuncture this week, too. James got to go with him this time. Marky only reported that the guy examined his tongue thoroughly for signs of ....i'm not sure...

And Marky came home with this very important, little known medical fact:

"Did you know that your tongue is the only organ you have that can go in AND out of your body ?"

I DID NOT KNOW that, nor had I ever pondered that incredible piece of medical knowledge !

Im confident that before we are done with this "tour of duty" with Marky, he will be an expert on all things medical, and now alternative medicine !

I will refer to him as our "Markypedia" !