Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday report from "Battlefield: Cincinnati Children's Hosp--

What a magnificent hospital !
We flew in Tuesday and got to stay at the Ronald McDonald House just across the street from the Hospital.

It's the 3rd largest RMH in the country. It's like Disneyland here for these kids. They role out the red-carpet and take care of everything for these families who are here from out of town. It's all charity and volunteers. Unbelievable spirit of love as soon as you walk in the front door.

This hospital is #1 in the country for GI /Colo-rectal disorders. We are in the best hands here.

Marky spent all day yesterday and today "prepping" for the scopes he just had.

First off the bat, they shoved an Naso-gastric tube down his nose----after the THIRD TRY ! Not so fun.

Then they ran the "clean-out" stuff straight into his stomach, so he wouldnt have to drink 2 gallons of it.

I'm pretty sure he wouldve rather tried to drink 50 gallons than sit around with an NG tube for a day and a half!

After that the IV came. THEN the colonic-irrigation tactics several times throughout the night and this morning.

He maintained his dignity and amazingly tolerated it all with his never-ending courage and valor !

What a "Giant Warrior" he is !

Nothing "Little" about him !

His courage is "Giant".
His spirit is "Giant".
His will is "Giant".

The GI Dr here just came out after the scope's and reported that it all went well. The scope maneuvered throught the entire colon with ease, which is re-assuring.

Now they leave in the rubber tubing threaded thru the entire colon over nite.

This special tubing has sensors all through it that will monitor how well his colon "moves" and sloshes stuff thru.

His word's : "THERE'S A SNAKE IN MY BUTT !"

Tomorrow AM, they come back and have him eat, then monitor the colon as it processes.

Should take several hours, then they will un-thread it out, and we bust outa there. !

I appreciate all the prayers and concern coming from all over the country for our sweet "warrior" .

The Lord knows him, and I believe his band of angel's are near.

Love, Lynette


kendude said...

Well it is best to get to eliminate every possibility even if it is just poop, Hopefully! I have heard that for men, the best place to treat first is the south end because it also treats male mental conditions.

Love from the Oh So proper Crocheron Dude.

B Ready to Read said...

Glad to hear you are all holding up. Hope everything comes out fine in the end...did I really just write that? Ugh, sorry. Love you guys! XXXOOO Barbie

DianeandJordanNielson said...

Hey Marky,

I love your comment about having a "snake in your butt". You are one funny dude! I hope that snake finds something so you can come home all better. Jadyn got a new bunny for Easter. She is so cute and she poops a ton! I will bring her over when you get home so you can pet her. She is so nice and soft. I will send a picture to your moms cell phone so you can see her. Love ya lots!

Love Dukee

Cathy Wallace said...

You are one tough guy, Marky! Here's hoping the snake takes care of the problem! I'm glad their was at least some fun stuff before they started picking on you!

Lynette, you are part of his band of angels. I hope you know that!

Melissa Monsen said...

Wow, sounds like quite the place! I hope that can figure something out to help Marky feel better. Hope you can have some fun while you are there. Take Care! See you soon, Melissa