Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here's a darling poem Cathy Wallace wrote--

Marky's Jeep

Whether he's awake or he's asleep,

Marky's dreaming of his jeep.

During times of war or quiet peace,

It's feats of bravery never cease.

See that mountain over there?

Others might just stop and stare.

But, to Marky's jeep, it's just a hill.

He can climb it standing still !

See that river running fast?

Some might need a boat and mast,

But, Marky's jeep can plow on through,

He'll drive up shore, right on cue !

See that canyon deep and wide?

Looks like trouble ! Run and Hide ?

No ! Marky's jeep goes up and down,

Soon he'll be pulling into town !

There's no stopping this machine,

Persistence like you've never seen !

So when life's incline seems too steep,

Consider a ride in Marky's jeep !

Love ya, Cathy