Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Some of "Marky's Friends" have generously and anonymously donated into his Charitable account to help with the Cincinnati trip !

Thank you thank you thank you !

You are SO appreciated and Loved for your kindness !

We are hopefully staying at the Ronald McDonald house the night we fly in, Tues. Marky's looking forward to that. Looks like an amazing place according to their web-site.

Wed. morning we check in at the hospital.

Cincinnati Children's Hosp. is the largest children's hospital in the country. They've got the best of the best. According to our GI guy here at PCMC.

I am prayerfully hopeful that some answers will be found to help our sweet "little warrior".


Cathy Wallace said...

Will Marky be taking along the cell phone that he has been able to borrow for past hospital visits? If yes, I'll send him some jokes to help him moan less & everyone else moan more.

I hope the trip goes smoothly & gets some results!

Love & Prayers, Cathy

lori beecher said...

Cathy, you have always been so supportive of this family! You are a great friend to them and we ALL appreciate your comments and your jokes!! This would be a great place to drop a few jokes!! --so we can ALL benefit.....PLEASE????

Byron and Jana said...

Good Morning Cincinnati!