Saturday, April 6, 2013

On A more JUBILANT note!

Marky had a check up with his specialist last week.

All systems are GO ! !

He looks good, feels good.

You may be interested to know that MARK IS FAMOUS..once again..

His mystery disease has been written up in the "JOURNAL OF PEDIACTRIC GASTROENTEROLOGY AND NUTRITION"  Authors include Dr. John Pohl, who is Mark's main doc.  Also listed as a contributor to the case is Dr Rawlins.  He is the surgeon who was BRAVE enough to do the exploratory laparotomy when no other surgeon would consider it. 

As reported during that  time, Marky was near death, filling up with fluid in his abd and chest cavity. Constant vomiting, laying listless.  We were BEGGING the docs to do ANYTHING to help him.  But as you remember, they didnt have a clue WHAT TO DO. 

The surgery was agreed upon.  They opened Marky up and discovered the WEBBING of Sclerosis encasing his entire retro-peritoneum.  With no way to "Scrape" it all off, and no idea how it got there, or what could be done.....they closed him back up and reported to us...."We're so sorry" !

Then..the MIRACLE happened.  Prayers were answered...prayers from around the world, prayers from the youngest to the oldest faithful's. 

I know for a fact, the good Lord directed an inspired doctor to look in on Marky that night.  To recommend a treatment plan to give Marky some relief.  To save his life. 

Fast forward to 2 and a half years since that experience..after many treatment drugs and suffering and rejoicing and suffering and rejoicing...etc...he is cautiously termed "in remission"!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Mark and Family is DEVASTATED

Colonel, Uncle Kenneth Crocheron is a FAKE

This week it was finally confirmed and proven that our former beloved family friend, Ken, has been deceiving us for the 10 yrs we've known him.....deceived many many more innocent family members and friends and co-workers over the last 40+ yrs. 

He IS NOT a Green Beret, IS NOT a COLONEL, or any other army officer.  IS NOT honorable in any way, regardless of the GOOD DEEDS he may have done for our family, it was all under the guise of rescuing us and trying to impress us with his clout.

Marky and his brothers idolozed him.  Hung on his every word.  Loved him like family.  So did I. 

He has lost EVERY respect from our family.  And needs to be exposed for the Fake that he is.

He has deliberately insulted EVERY military serviceman that has ever sacrificed for our country.  There can be no acceptable excuse for this ....air-breather.  (cant even call him a man!)

We are beyond hurt, beyond belief, beyond pain.  No words can handle this.

Marky has clammed up about it.  Worries me what he is thinking in his mind.   Scott is doing well, mostly very angry.  And Sam...well, he lost his dear beloved " KK" as he used to call him.

Shocked and betrayed.