Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday with the

'Markypedia" --

Sitting w Marky waiting for the numbing cream to take effect so we can give him his chemo shot in his leg.

He's had a good week, until yesterday. Starting to get the "crappy"-ness.

...again, achey all over....

I think we just need some warm, sunny weather to get here..and soon !

March is just a few days away...and another month closer to un-covering Markys jeep and polishing it up for the summer.

He had the great idea today, that we should put an invisible electronic fence around the perimeter of the yard to keep the "un-friendly's" from infiltrating !

That, along with his stringent regimen of "basic-training" that he puts the kids through before they can play, will surely keep the insurgent's back there to a minimum !

He received more acupuncture this week, too. James got to go with him this time. Marky only reported that the guy examined his tongue thoroughly for signs of ....i'm not sure...

And Marky came home with this very important, little known medical fact:

"Did you know that your tongue is the only organ you have that can go in AND out of your body ?"

I DID NOT KNOW that, nor had I ever pondered that incredible piece of medical knowledge !

Im confident that before we are done with this "tour of duty" with Marky, he will be an expert on all things medical, and now alternative medicine !

I will refer to him as our "Markypedia" !

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday the 17th of February... Marky is doing better now. Went back to school on Monday. First time in 2 weeks ! He's going for half days. 9 am to 12. Hopefully he wont get too tired, and can attend more days. He's still receiving his home visits for tutoring from Vickie, and loves his time with her. The other night the boys and I were laying in bed watching TV. The "Rosetta Stone Learn a Foreign Language" commercial came on for the 20th time in a half hour. Marky said... "Hey, lets enroll Sammy in the "Rosetta Stone" program ! Maybe THEY can teach him to talk !" ----(Sam's little neighbor girlfriend thinks he speaks Chinese !).... Then, as he considered that idea, he recanted and said..... "Well, maybe WE better enroll in "Rosetta Stone" to learn to speak HIS language !, that's probably gonna be easier ! " ....Just sayin

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday update on Marky-- He's been sick with a respiratory virus since last week. Coughing his head off, sore throat, all that. Same thing everyone else is passing around, except guys like Marky cant throw it off as easy. With his immune system in a "Black Hole" for now, we suffer through any bug that comes into our camp ! However, we DID have another round of Acupuncture on Monday ! Got the "Fistful o Needles" again. This time he got one in the center of his forehead. Two stickin out of his ears. One in the center of his belly. The rest in his legs and feet. Again he just layed there and took it like the champion that he is ! He had to "rest" with them poking in him for about 30 min. I was seated next to him. As usual, i slipped into my zone of .."I can't believe this is happening to my little sweet Marky"..and " When is it all just gonna go away ?" . Using Marky's "visualization" technique, I slapped myself on both sides of my face,.. until i came back to reality ! ..Then I just hopped on Ken's blue boat with Marky ! Cause thats probably where Marky was while he was laying there taking his "pokes" ! I think we'll just stay on that "Ol' Blue Boat" of Ken's for awhile.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I made a HUGE mistake last night......

I took a tylenol PM thinking I was going to get a good night's rest.

All of you pro's who like to guess the endings to "whodunit's" and you wise-cracker's that blurt out the punch-line's when someone's telling you a joke :....

I can hear your wheels turnin !

You guessed it ----"The Throw-ups" !

It was Sam this time.

His discriminating cuisine of spaghettio's, Dorito's, Capn Crunch's All Berries, and chicken nugget's apparently did NOT merge well in the digestive arena last night.

He was pullin his sweet little knees in the tuck n roll position and wincing with a very articulate "OW" for what seemed to be all night ! (Another word in his vocabulary I did not know he knew !)

Marky was right by his side offering gentle support and encouraging words.

After all, Mark IS the authority on biliary extraction.

Today, everyone stayed home to recoup and rest......

Except me.... I had to work my 12 hr. shift !

Another "Guessed it right" by all you know it all's !

Have a great night, and sleep tight ......for me !