Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday update on Marky-- He's been sick with a respiratory virus since last week. Coughing his head off, sore throat, all that. Same thing everyone else is passing around, except guys like Marky cant throw it off as easy. With his immune system in a "Black Hole" for now, we suffer through any bug that comes into our camp ! However, we DID have another round of Acupuncture on Monday ! Got the "Fistful o Needles" again. This time he got one in the center of his forehead. Two stickin out of his ears. One in the center of his belly. The rest in his legs and feet. Again he just layed there and took it like the champion that he is ! He had to "rest" with them poking in him for about 30 min. I was seated next to him. As usual, i slipped into my zone of .."I can't believe this is happening to my little sweet Marky"..and " When is it all just gonna go away ?" . Using Marky's "visualization" technique, I slapped myself on both sides of my face,.. until i came back to reality ! ..Then I just hopped on Ken's blue boat with Marky ! Cause thats probably where Marky was while he was laying there taking his "pokes" ! I think we'll just stay on that "Ol' Blue Boat" of Ken's for awhile.