Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday the 17th of February... Marky is doing better now. Went back to school on Monday. First time in 2 weeks ! He's going for half days. 9 am to 12. Hopefully he wont get too tired, and can attend more days. He's still receiving his home visits for tutoring from Vickie, and loves his time with her. The other night the boys and I were laying in bed watching TV. The "Rosetta Stone Learn a Foreign Language" commercial came on for the 20th time in a half hour. Marky said... "Hey, lets enroll Sammy in the "Rosetta Stone" program ! Maybe THEY can teach him to talk !" ----(Sam's little neighbor girlfriend thinks he speaks Chinese !).... Then, as he considered that idea, he recanted and said..... "Well, maybe WE better enroll in "Rosetta Stone" to learn to speak HIS language !, that's probably gonna be easier ! " ....Just sayin