Thursday, February 3, 2011

I made a HUGE mistake last night......

I took a tylenol PM thinking I was going to get a good night's rest.

All of you pro's who like to guess the endings to "whodunit's" and you wise-cracker's that blurt out the punch-line's when someone's telling you a joke :....

I can hear your wheels turnin !

You guessed it ----"The Throw-ups" !

It was Sam this time.

His discriminating cuisine of spaghettio's, Dorito's, Capn Crunch's All Berries, and chicken nugget's apparently did NOT merge well in the digestive arena last night.

He was pullin his sweet little knees in the tuck n roll position and wincing with a very articulate "OW" for what seemed to be all night ! (Another word in his vocabulary I did not know he knew !)

Marky was right by his side offering gentle support and encouraging words.

After all, Mark IS the authority on biliary extraction.

Today, everyone stayed home to recoup and rest......

Except me.... I had to work my 12 hr. shift !

Another "Guessed it right" by all you know it all's !

Have a great night, and sleep tight ......for me !


kendude said...

What can I say; it certainly seems Sam should be able to eat like a goat, run like a cheetah, yell like a drunk and fight like a cage fighter without side effects!!!!!!!!!


Erin said...

Oh man, Netti, I am SO SORRY! That really stinks. Not only were you super tired, but you were drugged and super tired! I know that foggy Tylenol PM feeling well and I can't imagine being up all night with a sick little man and then having to go to work! I know we talk a lot about Marky being a warrior, but you are seriously a warrior too!

Sarah's corner said...

I am so sorry! Do you get a night of sleep tonight?
I hope so. You surely deserve it!
Sleep in tomorrow.
I hope tonight goes better for you.
Love you,

Cathy Wallace said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry about Sam getting the "throw-ups"! I hope he doesn't share them with anyone else! Bet you were sleep-walking all day! Love, C.