Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Last night my favorite sister, Lori, shoved a CD in my hand and told me to listen to it.

It's the "MEN" of the Mormon Tab Choir, their newest CD.

I love male chorus stuff anyway due to the fact that I was in Freshman Boys Choir at West Phx High School for 4 their pianist !!!!! My Dad had something to do with that, since he was the choir director.....but....that's a whole nother blog !

As predicted, by me, i boo-hoo'd through the whole thing. Music touches my soul, even more now that I dont have my beloved Harp anymore.

Lately i've been in a bit of a "slump". Who knows why.....pick anything, and i' m probably in a slump over it.

But the last track on the CD lifted my spirit and elevated me high enough to feel like I just might get through....whatever you call this....just LIFE, I guess.

The song is ""He's Got the Whole World In His Hands". I remember singing it as a child in Mrs Eymon's Vacation Bible school. ( I only went there because she gave out candy if you could quote a scripture!)...(("Jesus wept" always counted!)

As the song started, a delicate Harp and flutes accompanied the tenors. The simplicity of the words were re-assuring that "He's" got the wind and the rain, sun, moon-- in His hands....

The song had a gradual build that finally boomed those awesome Tabernacle organ base pipes bringing up all the volume and letting out all the stops as the voices rang that---- "He's got EVERYBODY ---in His Hands!"

Even my Marky !

I was overwhelmed at the comfort and confidence i felt as i was reminded of this guarantee !

This "Unlimited, lifetime Warranty" that is promised to us. .. Our Heavenly Father KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING !

I keep forgetting that simple fact.

Glad I listened to my Sister, for once.

Love, Netti


kendude said...

This is what gets us through; music is the language of the soul. In 1964 the Salute to Youth concert with the Utah Symphony was hosted in the Tabernacle. President David O McKay spoke to introduce the young musicians and said, "When God speaks to his people, he uses his prophets to deliver the message. When God wants his children to feel his spirit, he uses his great composers and musicians to deliver the message." It is too often the case we forget to be touched by the Spirit by waisting time listening to uninspired "music" when we could be soaring with the angels.

Love this topic,
Ken Crocheron

B Ready to Read said...

Music helps us to take the time to listen with our hearts and feel with our souls.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynette for always inspiring us!!!! You are such a great example. We all need to remember WHom is in charge of this Whole World!! Love you....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Loved the blog, netti. I'm gonna frame that last sentence and put it up on the wall:)


Brooke said...

Netti thanks for the post! sometimes we all need that reminder that He DOES have the whole world in His hands, and we don't! Thanks for reminding me.
Love Brookie

Cathy Wallace said...

Well said, Ken.

Netti, I hope you can keep singing & keep smiling. Last Sunday I taught a Relief Society lesson on the power of music which included the following quote from President J. Reuben Clark Jr.: "We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps through any other thing except prayer."

Love ya! Cathy