Saturday, January 1, 2011

SIX years ago today..New Year's Day...our Sweet Sam was born !

Im sure I mustve blogged about him last year.

But, his story warrants another attempt at describing one of the most amazing experiences .

We knew he was coming with an extra chromosome , making 21 !

Trademark of "Down's Syndrome". Had tons of ultrasounds to chart his development. All was going well until.... adventures began.....

He was born at 32 weeks! That's 2 months early!

Two days before the delivery, an ultrasound discovered that all his amniotic fluid was trapped inside Sam's kidneys and bladder.

He had a "kinked" off urethra..or "Pee Pipe" if you will !

A quick round of some kind of steroids were pumped in me for lung development for the baby and on Jan 1st the Docs C-sectioned him At University of Utah.

He was immediately whisked away, across the "cat-walk" connecting the "U" to Primary Children's Hospital.

He spent the next 2 months clinging to life in the NICU. He not only had bladder reconstruction work done, but shortly after birth it was discovered there were 3 holes in his heart.

One of which was too big to close on its own, like many littler ones do. It was later repaired during open-heart surgery at age 6 mo.

He weighed in at birth just under 2 lbs !

He had several spinal taps. A ventilator, placed during one night when his lungs collapsed from pneumonia. And countless other complications.

This was our first experience with PCMC...AND the angels.

Sam was accompanied with his own "band of Angels". I cant remember who told me that he would be.

But he was......And lots of them.

Seen and unseen.

He was a gift I still feel I dont deserve.

I whisper in his ear everynight as he goes to bed..."Thank you for coming to me, Sam".

He is a handful, mischief galore! Yet, Love thats unconditional is his message.

So tonite, Sam, Happy Birthday my sweet angel Boy.

And...thank you for coming to me .

Love, your grateful Mom.


" Hit It......." said...

Happy Birthday Sammy!

You make me cry a lot. You are a wonderful mother. You inspire me.

Happy New Year!

B Ready to Read said...

Happy Birthday Sammy!

Lots of Love from
Aunt Barbie

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sammy....I remember the day you were born. Very scary, but you fooled them and now look at you!!! You are one of those angels sent to your Mom, Dad, Scotty and Marky. Keep up the good work Sam!!!! And I hope you had a neat 6th birthday. Love you,
Grandma Joan

Melissa Monsen said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Sammie! You are an amazing mom Lynette!

Cathy Wallace said...

Happy 6th Birthday Sam! Wow, Lynette, who would have thought of that feeble, tiny little guy six years ago being such a big boy & so full of energy today!? You are a good example to all of us moms. God bless.