Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sending out Happy New Year wishes to all of Marky's Bloggers---

He is laying in bed, the last few days, with Strep throat ! Started on Tuesday.

Went to Doc on Wed., got the "Gag" test and confirmed it. He's gotten Strep so many times this year. All the immunosupressent (cant spell that one) drugs leave him wide open for all that cruddy stuff.

On Monday night, though, Marky got to go to a holiday party with big bro Scotty!

The "other" half of Scotty's gene pool is the Cole family.

I couldnt have asked for a better family to be connected to. Grandma and Grandpa Cole treat all three of our boys as their own.

So this year for their holiday party, they invited Mark to come. They have all been actively praying and worrying over Marky this past year, and he felt good enough to make a "celebrity" appearance. Grandma Cole picked Marky and Scott up and brought em home too. They had a blast.

It was one of the "Cole/Fidler" sister-in-laws, Brianne, (sorry if i spelled that wrong, Bree) that organized the "OnLine" Auction for Marky last winter.

And recently, Grandma and Grandpa Cole surprised Marky with a beautiful hand made quilt they had worked hard on for months. They even brought a little sweet one for Sammy too.

Sammy immediately grabbed a flashlight and crawled under his blanket to hide while he looked at the cute little monkeys patterned in the fabric!

The arrival of the quilt was just in time for Marky's last stay in the hospital. We wrapped him up in it to haul him in and out of the battle-field. And it kept him secured while he layed in bed up there.

They are a dear family and we so appreciate their love and support.

Hope you all have a HEALTHY New Year ! We're gonna try !

Love to all, Lynette


Anonymous said...

chonDear Jeanes Family,

You are so blessed...with families that love you!!! Everyone is pulling for Marky to have a really good 2011. He is such an awesome fighter and will remain so throughout his life. I pray every night that the good Lord will continue to put His loving arms around Marky and give him health and peace. Give a special hug to Sammy on his 6th birthday tomorrow. Love always, Grandma Joan

Unknown said...

Love homemade quilts! They are the warmest because of all the love that hugs you each time you use them!
Having extra grandparents is sooooo cool!
We too want to wish you a very HEALTHY New Year full of joy and tru happiness.
Sarah and family