Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday with the "Champion"---

Waiting for the docs to decide who's going to do the surgery and when.

They want the same surgeon that opened him last year (Dec. 23) to be the guy that goes in again. He remembers Marky and the complex maze of fibrosis covering everything.....makes sense.

EXCEPT....this surgeon is either got his sched. full, or is off, or whatever the reason. So the ranking officers are doing what they do best...
wringing their hands and tossing coins !

The Barium Enema was excrutiating for Marky. We handled it by "leaving" the hospital and pretending we were on Ken Crocherons awesome boat ! We were in the boat cruising Bear Lake with the wind in our hair. I bawled my eyes out at his courage and discipline. I used up 8 million tissues while i stood at his side trying to comfort him. was him who kept saying....."we're on the boat mom, we're on the boat ."

Then around 6pm they did an MRI (un-sedated!, for all you chickens who have to get zonked to go in "the tube"). Again he was a champion.

His IV blew and had to get a new one poked. He had to hold his breath for 30 seconds a ton of times for each sequence of images....WHILE he was trying not to throw up, AND was in immense pain !

Later last night our Bishop came . He ALWAYS shows at just the right time. He gave Marky a beautiful blessing .

In the blessing, he referred to Mark as a "Champion of Faith" that is here to teach us all.

The Lord does know us.......Especially this sweet child.


" Hit It......." said...

I am bawling. That poor guy. He has suffered more than anyone should have to. I wish I was there to hug him.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Marky, I can't believe this.....but I KNOW that you are going to be OK after they "clean" you out again. I have faith especially at this time of year when our dear Savior is watching over you so closely. Thank your Mom for keeping all of us in touch.
I am going to be in SLC for Xmas and I will see you at home then.
Love, Grandma Joan

A. NONY Mouse said...

Lots of hugs, kisses, love and prayers are yours tonight. Love you guys. Marky is everyone's hero!


Cathy Wallace said...

"We're on the boat." That sounds like the mental imagery we mothers use to get through childbirth. Marky's a remarkable boy to figure out how to get through such terrific pain. Yes, he really is a "champion of faith". May the Lord bless and sustain you all through this difficult time.