Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Sunday in December 2010--

Six yrs ago tonite, there was a quick knock at our door, then a scuffle, and "they" were gone.

Left behind was a simple white box tied with a green bow.

Inside was a fist full of cash and about 8 gold Sacajawea dollar coins.

A typed note, anonymously announced that our "neighbors that loved us" had given what they could to help our family for Christmas that year.

James had, just the month before, broken his neck and scrambled his brain.

We were awaiting the birth of our Angel Sam ( was due in March but came NewYears Day !--Why wait!)

I was overwhelmed with James and what his future would be, along with the coming of a child with Downs Syndrome.

Back to the "box".

The Gold coins were gifted to us by a child that had them in his/her collection of treasures that were meaningful, im certain.

Im sure they were not quickly thought of as a gift to give the Jeanes Family, when the "collection tin" came around to their home.

I can imagine the process that went through this child's heart
(whoever he/she is). "Should I give them, or keep them....I really, really love these gold coins."

The impact of that little white box with the green bow left on our porch, still moves me to tears each year.

I kept the box...AND the gold treasured coins. The green ribbon too.

Its the first thing I get out and put under our tree each year when the decorating starts.

I think of the night our Savior was "given" to this world. He is a treasure that our "Father", im sure, had to really ponder before he "gifted" to us, just as the coins had been given to a family in need.

This year brings even more astounding memories of "gifts" given to the Jeanes family, with the entire season, last year, spent in the hospital with the Primary Children and the angels up there.

Merry Christmas and love, from the Jeanes People.


Cathy Wallace said...

You are a treasure to so many people! I'm glad you have some treasures under your tree and treasured memories in your heart!