Friday, December 24, 2010


Marky is fast asleep....IN HIS OWN BED (not the hospital!)

He has "visions of sugar-plums dancing in his wee little head".

The plate of (GLUTEN FREE of course) brownies and milk are awaiting their Christmas eve guest.

The stockings are hung and ready for the customary orange to be stuffed into the toe !

All is right with the world, in Markys world !

Im reflecting on the dear children that will be up at PCMC tonight. Perhaps like Marky was last year...too sick to be home..worrying whether Santa will find them up there....Or too sick to even open their presents, like Marky was last year.

Scotty helped Marky open his gifts last year. He didnt have the strength to do it. He just layed, listless in his hospital bed.

The exploratory surgery had happened 2 days before Christmas, last year. James and I spent the night beside our dear boy. Sam was with Aunt Lori, or Uncle Ken.

I will never forget the spirit of Christmas felt that night in the hospital as the group of Resident Doctors that had been so attentive to Marky, came to his room and brought gifts for us.

They wore Santa hats and had made plates of treats to share with us while they were on duty caring for our boy. Most of them were away from their families for the holidays.

We became part of their family as we were brought together during those worst of times.

They showed us compassion and love beyond their "Titles" of Doctors.

I remember them tonight, with my own compassion and love, wherever they are.

Merry Christmas..
...especially to our Primary Children's Hospital Family.

My prayers are for all the dear children laying up there waiting for Miracles of their own.

That they are comforted and relieved of their pain and suffering.

That angels will not cease to attend them.

That promised tender mercy's hurry to their bedside.

Love Lynette


Sarah said...

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas at your home. I am sure it was great for the fact that you were home!
How wonderful it is to have an Atonement in place for us all, to heal our hearts, clear our minds and mend our bodies...our souls.
May this year be blessed! May health be at your home, painless days ahead and joy be with your family.
Love you guys,

Sarah and family

PS: I am expecting a phone call for appt :D

kennethcrocheron said...

Of all the "Dear Children" this one is indeed, most specially dear. His family blesses all who know and love them as we Cockroachrotchruns,