Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday---Colonoscopy report--

Marky and I spent all day tuesday enduring the prescribed "Clean-out" protocols.

I did everything he did, so he wouldnt be the only guy gettin picked on...we both ate our green jello, drank tons of gatorade mixed with Miralax, took those little "Bomber" pills..all 4 of em ! We both lost 5 pounds each !

We were at the "Scope" place by 0630 am. On the slab at 0730.

Dr. Harnsberger came out to report that an area on the right side of his large intestine ( hepatic flexure) is being restricted from the "outside" by something which has yet to be determined.

The very smallest of cameras was used to try to get down that portion of the colon with no luck. Several biopsies were done. We'll wait on that.

That area of restricted bowel also has limited blood supply getting to it as well. The color was gray instead of pink.

Markys main Doc is away at a conference till next week. So we will await ideas of how to approach the issue till he returns.

So the phantom pain that was deemed "nerves/anxiety" really does have an etiology. ...the Sclerosing/fibrosing crap is rearing its ugly head again.

Of course it must occur at the same time as last year. Christmas !

Im trying not to have a "come-apart", "unraveling", "freak-out" whatever thing that moms do.

We'll take it on, whatever it is with Marky's Courage to carry us.


Erin said...

We love you guys! We're saying lots of prayers on this side of the continent for you guys!

Anonymous said...

we'll ALL do whatever it takes to help Marky!! Last Christmas was our family's most memorable. We realized what was most important...Families,Good Friends, Love, Faith, Hope, Prayers and feeling the Love of our Savior.

We are willing to do it all again to support our Marky!!

A. NONY Mouse said...

Kisses, hugs and lots of prayers are coming from this neck of the woods every day.


Anonymous said...

You know we will all take it on with you guys! We are here with you every step of the way! Love you guys!!!

Jen Larsen

Cathy Wallace said...

WHAT!? Lynette Jeanes, I turned my back for a second (to keep one eye on the Relief Society down here) and you sneak off to the hospital again! I can't believe it! I really can't. Well, here's sending you tons of love and hugs. I hope sweet Marky gets the care and help he needs from the doctors soon. I know he gets all he can from you. Don't know how you do it, Nettie! Love ya!

Cathy Wallace said...

P.S. Did you seriously eat the green jello, drink the Gatorade and down the "bombers"!? You are the BEST Mom!!

Markys mom said...


And Im a better person for it ! least a "lighter" person for it ! Netti