Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mark Jeanes is at it again:

We are in the ER at Primary's trying to get some pain relief
for sweet Marky.

He says his "liver hurts real bad". Points to his right side.

The GREAT news is...the doc "on duty" today is one of the very
first Dr.s that we met a year ago when all this "adventuring" started !

Im calling it "adventuring", not just any old adventure!

AdventURE would describe an event that happEND.

AdventURING indicates, well you can guess the rest.!

I thought we had made a successful pass through Thanksgiving with no "events".

It was last year, the week after Thanksgiving that everything started to un-ravel. Or...wind-up ! Whatever the metaphor, here we are.

So, as scripted, the Dr.s are out at their computers looking up Markys history, scratching their heads. Googling every key word in his descriptive story of his mysterious disease, trying to figure where to place the next puzzle piece.

I will keep ya posted with updates.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Evening with Capt. Marky--

Laying here next to Marky now trying to help him through his "crappyness" after his chemo shot .

Sometimes he sails through it, sometimes..notsomuch.

Cute Dr. Annie came and gave him his shot tonite. She had just completed a long day at her hospital, saving lives, and came straight over here to see Mark.

Earlier today, I dragged Marky, not feeling good already, with me to church, along with his other bro.s.

He layed behind the piano while I sub'd for Primary.

Ive been surfing for ways to help Marky with his pain and "crappy" side-effects from the meds.

Even now as I write, he lays with both fists clenched, both feet with toes curled under in pain.

I try the distraction crap, and im convincing myself its working. And then i look closer at him and there's the clenched fists that he's hiding under the blankets !

Any ideas out there? I'm desperate.

Not too entertaining tonight. sorry.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We got brave and asked a Dr. in our neighborhood if SHE would give Marky his Chemo shot a couple of weeks ago.

He's sposed to get one every Sunday at our house.

Marky's had quite a bit of anxiety over the "shot" lately, so we thought maybe someone else giving it might help.

So Dr. Anne P. , a Hospitalist, and awesome neighbor answered the challenge. She is an awesome shot giver, Marky never flinched.

The second week she came, she had a "Surprise" for Marky....

It was a big beautiful....FROZEN TURKEY !

She had won it running in a 5K or 10K or something and decided to "re-gift " it to Marky ! Whoda thought !

He carried that thing around for a couple of days, getting it out whenever anyone came over, proudly showing it off like a new baby !

He was so proud of his turkey that "The Doc" had given him.

A couple of days later, as I got it out of the wrapping to roast it, Marky was so excited ! .....he doted over that thing even as it cooked !

Dr. Annie's turkey idea was a hit ! Bet he'll never forget that !

Who knew !

Monday, November 15, 2010









Personal Courage


I Will Always Place the Mission First

I Will Never Accept Defeat

I Will Never QUIT

I Will Never Leave a Fallen Comrade

I Am a WARRIOR And a Member of A TEAM


In my opinion:

PERSONAL COURAGE: Army definition is---


If one does NOT have Personal Courage, none of these others CAN BE OBTAINED.

Marky stands steadfast and tall as he faces EACH day with its set of conflicts in his young 8 yr old life.

How does he do it day after day?...COURAGE

I ONLY make it through my days, with weakness upon weakness that I coddle with Diet Coke, chocolate, whining, and other indulgences that i afford myself as coping skills.

My goal today is to take upon ME the "Soldier's Creed".

To enlist the "Army Values" in MY core.

Marky does it without vices.

We can too.

Thank you Captain Marky for Leading me.

Love, Markysmom

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Captain Marky receives Honorary Veteran's Flag from General Tarbet !

Utah Honor Guard

this helmet weighs 7 lbs

Marky's no dummy !

taylorsville cheerleaders

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday the 13th.

After Marky's "high profile" day with the Veterans,
He spent all day Friday with another set of Vets...

PCMC hosted Marky for a round of chemo/Remicade.

The "Honorary Captain" rode atop a hospital gurney !

He was awarded with an IV full of the magic potion .

His "Superior Officer" (Dr. Pohl) did an official inspection.

The recurring pain, that no one knows what to do with, has been labeled as...."anxiety issues" !

So a resulting increase in his amytriptaline dose is the attempted resolution to end this latest "conflict" in the battle against his chronic pain.

We'll see how that goes.

James was Markys "wing-man" yesterday up on the "hill". I worked all day.......mostly trying to work through my "mommy guilt" for not being with my little warrior in his latest skirmish.

Thanks for all your comments and prayers for Marky. YOU ALL keep me going several times a day as I check this blog for your visits.

Love, Lynette

Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day Honors For 8-year-old Kid - Connect2Utah.com

Veteran's Day Honors For 8-year-old Kid - Connect2Utah.com

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Marky was invited to ride in the Veteran's Day parade today

He rode in a HUMVEE, with several military guys of rank.

He was all "duded" up in his uniform, Beret atop his head, tilted just so.

Shook hands with the Mayor of Taylorsville.

He was honored as a veteran of a battle.....The War on Disease.

The news team of Channel 2, hosted by Brian Mullahey, featured him on the news tonight at 5 and 6 pm.

What an honor to be among those of our armed forces and to share their spotlight today.

My dad, Serge L. Huff, is a veteran of WWII. He is a hero to me.

The first call of EVERY veterans day from my phone is one to him, thanking him for serving our country.

He is among a near extinct species of our time. He and so many other young men raced to enlist to answer the call of duty. He may not have even been quite 18, like so many others. But proudly stood tall and served any way they could to protect the freedoms we take for granted today.

My Dad replies with the same answer every year when I make the annual call:

..."It was a privilege, and an honor to serve", and "I'd do it again, if i could".

So to all Veteran's....of ANY KIND....

Thank you for serving us and for your courage to stand up for what is right and good.

I Love you Pops......It is an honor and privilege to be your daughter.....Nett.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday the 10th of November......

Marky went to school yesterday. Stayed all day.

First time since last Tuesday.

He's trying to make it again today.

He's still in quite alot of pain. When I got home from work last night, he looked exhausted, worn out.

His face begs for relief of pain. My heart begs for relief of his pain, and every other child suffering.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Today's Fast Sunday--

Which is, for those who arent sure.....

When the Primary kids sing all their songs REALLY FAST !

At least that's how "Sister Jeanes" the Crazy Song lady in Primary used to do it!

I got released from my primary chorister calling a couple of months ago.

The "stated" reason given by those in "authority" was....so I could be more available for Marky cause he's often sick on Sundays, among all the other days.

But I have suspicions about that given reason.

I may have been a little too......oh,.....irreverent in my methods !

This dawned on me when I was asked to sub for the "new" chorister a couple of weeks ago.

As soon as i got up to .."do my thing" with the kids.......one of the leaders in the back of the room quietly got up and slithered over to the door and non-chalantly closed it.

Somehow I have a knack for raising the Decibel level with those kids !

We used to sing..."Primary children sang as they RAN and Ran and Ran and Ran".....all around the room !

Sang Extra FAST on Fast Sunday.

Changed the words on "The Lord commanded Nephi to go and get the Plates"...to...: "The Lord commanded Nephi to go and get the Knives and Forks" !

And of course, the "Missionary Stew Song", otherwise known as "I hope they call me on a Mission".......

This was re-named, as the last line of the songs sings...."JUST LIKE MISSIONARY STEW".....Not "JUST LIKE MISSIONARIES DO" !

And other Hair raising, spirit boosting , sensible improvements.

All I wanted the kids to do was...feel the spirit ! AND LOTS OF IT !

As my brother Lee would say....


Saturday, November 6, 2010



Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday the 5th of Nov.

Marky's been sick for 3 days.....

The infamous belly pain that mysteriously comes and goes.

He actually went to school Mon. and Tues..ALL DAY.

Even had a "play date" with his FAMOUS "RUNNING BUDDY"--ALEX tues after school !

Then Tues night around nine, the pain hit. He was clutching the blankets and gripping my wrists like a vice. His toes were curled under ( a sign of pain or stress in kids, dont ya know), and he was pale as a sheet.

He stayed home from school Wed, Thurs, and wouldve today if they werent already off for parent teacher conferences.

Got a humorous call today from a bill collector for $102.30. Unpaid office visits for Mark and Sam!

I chuckled as i spoke with the very nice concerned lady that i owed her SO MUCH MONEY !

I then related to her my story about Marky's currently still UNPAID $300,000.00 plus hospital bill at PCMC, among other ginormous price tags for health !

....Just another fun day in the life..........

Have a great and HEALTHY weekend everybody.
Love , Lynette

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Nov 3rd.--

Today my niece, Brittany Beecher, enters the MTC.

She's going to Spanish speaking Minneapolis !

I was present as the Stake Pres. "set her apart" last night.

I've known her and Brooke (her identical twin) for 21 yrs.

My bio-identical and I often say to each other "we dont know where they came from !"...."certainly not our gene pool" ! "They are too perfect"....
And other things like that.

Britt even spent the balance of her last day with her "special needs" friend, Allie, reassuring her that she would be back and not to worry. That she was going away to teach people about Jesus.

Britt met this little friend in high school as a "peer-tutor" for the special needs kids and still keeps in touch with her years later.

As I sat listening to the Stk. Pres. giving Britt the blessing, I decided...

...Those redheads came to this existence already "Set-apart".

Love, Aunt Netti