Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We got brave and asked a Dr. in our neighborhood if SHE would give Marky his Chemo shot a couple of weeks ago.

He's sposed to get one every Sunday at our house.

Marky's had quite a bit of anxiety over the "shot" lately, so we thought maybe someone else giving it might help.

So Dr. Anne P. , a Hospitalist, and awesome neighbor answered the challenge. She is an awesome shot giver, Marky never flinched.

The second week she came, she had a "Surprise" for Marky....

It was a big beautiful....FROZEN TURKEY !

She had won it running in a 5K or 10K or something and decided to "re-gift " it to Marky ! Whoda thought !

He carried that thing around for a couple of days, getting it out whenever anyone came over, proudly showing it off like a new baby !

He was so proud of his turkey that "The Doc" had given him.

A couple of days later, as I got it out of the wrapping to roast it, Marky was so excited ! .....he doted over that thing even as it cooked !

Dr. Annie's turkey idea was a hit ! Bet he'll never forget that !

Who knew !


" Hit It......." said...

Happy Thanksgiving! You'll have to say if Marky helps to cook his favorite turkey and what he things of the experience.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jeane's.Life is good! Marky, you are loved....Hope you all have a great turkey day. I am coming to SLC for Christmas. 22nd through the 29th. Please make your weather better then....Love, Grandma Joan