Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday the 10th of November......

Marky went to school yesterday. Stayed all day.

First time since last Tuesday.

He's trying to make it again today.

He's still in quite alot of pain. When I got home from work last night, he looked exhausted, worn out.

His face begs for relief of pain. My heart begs for relief of his pain, and every other child suffering.


Cathy Wallace said...

Hugs, just hugs, to you all.

" Hit It......." said...

This breaks my heart. I can't believe that ALL of those fancy doctors can't help him.

Praying for you all. Take care of yourself Lynette.

Anonymous said...

Poor marky. Sweet marky

Jenny said...

I know I don't leave comments very often but I want you to know that your family is always in my prayers. We love you guys. I just read that you were released from your primary sad! I LOVED being the chorister too! I am sure the kids miss you dearly!