Thursday, November 11, 2010


Marky was invited to ride in the Veteran's Day parade today

He rode in a HUMVEE, with several military guys of rank.

He was all "duded" up in his uniform, Beret atop his head, tilted just so.

Shook hands with the Mayor of Taylorsville.

He was honored as a veteran of a battle.....The War on Disease.

The news team of Channel 2, hosted by Brian Mullahey, featured him on the news tonight at 5 and 6 pm.

What an honor to be among those of our armed forces and to share their spotlight today.

My dad, Serge L. Huff, is a veteran of WWII. He is a hero to me.

The first call of EVERY veterans day from my phone is one to him, thanking him for serving our country.

He is among a near extinct species of our time. He and so many other young men raced to enlist to answer the call of duty. He may not have even been quite 18, like so many others. But proudly stood tall and served any way they could to protect the freedoms we take for granted today.

My Dad replies with the same answer every year when I make the annual call:

..."It was a privilege, and an honor to serve", and "I'd do it again, if i could".

So to all Veteran's....of ANY KIND....

Thank you for serving us and for your courage to stand up for what is right and good.

I Love you Pops......It is an honor and privilege to be your daughter.....Nett.


Anonymous said...


My dad also is a veteran of WWII - 92 years old and still going strong! Thanks for your tribute to veterans - we love them all at our house, too. We sure miss Mark at school - I hope he's back soon!

Linda Dumas (from the office)