Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday the 13th.

After Marky's "high profile" day with the Veterans,
He spent all day Friday with another set of Vets...

PCMC hosted Marky for a round of chemo/Remicade.

The "Honorary Captain" rode atop a hospital gurney !

He was awarded with an IV full of the magic potion .

His "Superior Officer" (Dr. Pohl) did an official inspection.

The recurring pain, that no one knows what to do with, has been labeled as...."anxiety issues" !

So a resulting increase in his amytriptaline dose is the attempted resolution to end this latest "conflict" in the battle against his chronic pain.

We'll see how that goes.

James was Markys "wing-man" yesterday up on the "hill". I worked all day.......mostly trying to work through my "mommy guilt" for not being with my little warrior in his latest skirmish.

Thanks for all your comments and prayers for Marky. YOU ALL keep me going several times a day as I check this blog for your visits.

Love, Lynette


Sarah's corner said...

Dearest Lynette,

You keep us going with your strong faith, unwavering determination and unconditional love.

Our prayers go heavenward in your behalf and for your family.

You inspire us to be better people.

Sure love you,