Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Nov 3rd.--

Today my niece, Brittany Beecher, enters the MTC.

She's going to Spanish speaking Minneapolis !

I was present as the Stake Pres. "set her apart" last night.

I've known her and Brooke (her identical twin) for 21 yrs.

My bio-identical and I often say to each other "we dont know where they came from !"...."certainly not our gene pool" ! "They are too perfect"....
And other things like that.

Britt even spent the balance of her last day with her "special needs" friend, Allie, reassuring her that she would be back and not to worry. That she was going away to teach people about Jesus.

Britt met this little friend in high school as a "peer-tutor" for the special needs kids and still keeps in touch with her years later.

As I sat listening to the Stk. Pres. giving Britt the blessing, I decided...

...Those redheads came to this existence already "Set-apart".

Love, Aunt Netti


Lee said...

Brook and Brit had 2 great examples to follow. All of you were already set apart in heaven. I'm lucky just to be related to the 4 of your.

Lynyrd said...

That is awesome! My nephew was an AP in that mission and he said, "Sister Beecher is one of the hardest working Sisters he knows"!