Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Evening with Capt. Marky--

Laying here next to Marky now trying to help him through his "crappyness" after his chemo shot .

Sometimes he sails through it, sometimes..notsomuch.

Cute Dr. Annie came and gave him his shot tonite. She had just completed a long day at her hospital, saving lives, and came straight over here to see Mark.

Earlier today, I dragged Marky, not feeling good already, with me to church, along with his other bro.s.

He layed behind the piano while I sub'd for Primary.

Ive been surfing for ways to help Marky with his pain and "crappy" side-effects from the meds.

Even now as I write, he lays with both fists clenched, both feet with toes curled under in pain.

I try the distraction crap, and im convincing myself its working. And then i look closer at him and there's the clenched fists that he's hiding under the blankets !

Any ideas out there? I'm desperate.

Not too entertaining tonight. sorry.


Cathy Wallace said...

So sorry he is hurting! Here's a website with some ideas on how to help children who have to take frequent shots:
Another site suggested these tips for school-age children dealing with chronic pain: "breathing techniques, visual imagery, videotapes, music, distracting objects, reading, massage." These reminded me of some of the ideas used to help moms through child-birth! The site also mentioned some numbing cream that is put on a couple hours before a shot is given to help with pain at the injection site. Of course, prayer too, but I'm sure you all do LOTS of that at your house! Love to you all!