Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday report from "Battlefield: Cincinnati Children's Hosp--

What a magnificent hospital !
We flew in Tuesday and got to stay at the Ronald McDonald House just across the street from the Hospital.

It's the 3rd largest RMH in the country. It's like Disneyland here for these kids. They role out the red-carpet and take care of everything for these families who are here from out of town. It's all charity and volunteers. Unbelievable spirit of love as soon as you walk in the front door.

This hospital is #1 in the country for GI /Colo-rectal disorders. We are in the best hands here.

Marky spent all day yesterday and today "prepping" for the scopes he just had.

First off the bat, they shoved an Naso-gastric tube down his nose----after the THIRD TRY ! Not so fun.

Then they ran the "clean-out" stuff straight into his stomach, so he wouldnt have to drink 2 gallons of it.

I'm pretty sure he wouldve rather tried to drink 50 gallons than sit around with an NG tube for a day and a half!

After that the IV came. THEN the colonic-irrigation tactics several times throughout the night and this morning.

He maintained his dignity and amazingly tolerated it all with his never-ending courage and valor !

What a "Giant Warrior" he is !

Nothing "Little" about him !

His courage is "Giant".
His spirit is "Giant".
His will is "Giant".

The GI Dr here just came out after the scope's and reported that it all went well. The scope maneuvered throught the entire colon with ease, which is re-assuring.

Now they leave in the rubber tubing threaded thru the entire colon over nite.

This special tubing has sensors all through it that will monitor how well his colon "moves" and sloshes stuff thru.

His word's : "THERE'S A SNAKE IN MY BUTT !"

Tomorrow AM, they come back and have him eat, then monitor the colon as it processes.

Should take several hours, then they will un-thread it out, and we bust outa there. !

I appreciate all the prayers and concern coming from all over the country for our sweet "warrior" .

The Lord knows him, and I believe his band of angel's are near.

Love, Lynette

(posted at his request:))

Monday, April 25, 2011

hello all blogers marky reporting in I have STREP THROAT AGAIN!! not fun AT ALL! we are still going 2 ohio tomorrow!

but I did hike to Delicate Arch last week! and i went 2 dead horse point it was 6,000 ft high i looked of the edge i got light headed well thats it good by

Hi to All of Marky's "Angels"!

Today's the day before our trip to Cincinnati !

We're excited to go and get some answers--hopefully !

Yes -----Marky will be taking his cell phone if you want to leave txts for him !

Of course, I'm freaking out with the stress of it all !

My niece in Ohio will be ushering us and coordinating all the details...thank goodness for her !

She's been handling the Ronald McDonald House reservations for us ,too !

She gave me some very sound and wise advice this morning :

Netti--- just drink two Diet-Coke's and put the rest in the Lord's hands !

Love that niece of mine !

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Some of "Marky's Friends" have generously and anonymously donated into his Charitable account to help with the Cincinnati trip !

Thank you thank you thank you !

You are SO appreciated and Loved for your kindness !

We are hopefully staying at the Ronald McDonald house the night we fly in, Tues. Marky's looking forward to that. Looks like an amazing place according to their web-site.

Wed. morning we check in at the hospital.

Cincinnati Children's Hosp. is the largest children's hospital in the country. They've got the best of the best. According to our GI guy here at PCMC.

I am prayerfully hopeful that some answers will be found to help our sweet "little warrior".

Wednesday the 20th of April...

The big boys have gone to Moab !

Mark, Scott and his best bud, Eric, with James have hit the trail
for a few days !

Left behind is Sam and Mom !

Im using my "time-off" from work to go to Cincinnati next week, so its just a "Guy" trip this week !

Marky was so excited to go to Moab. His plans are to hike to the Delicate Arch ! We'll see how that goes.! He of ALL people could DO IT ! It's James that I worry about, keeping up !

Marky's climbed more mountains than any of us put together in this last two years !

Go Marky !

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday April 13th--

Flight plans are in place for our trip to Cincinnati !

Just Mark and Mom are going....tooooo pricey to take anyone else !

Marky has a "favorite" cousin that lives in Columbus (i think) Ohio.

She has graciously offered to meet us at the airport and haul us to the hospital !

She's also going to hang out with us while we're there and make sure those "Ohioan's" show us a good time ! Ha Ha

Can't see how spending 3 days in a hospital, gettin a scope shoved.....anywhere...could be a good time !

My "favorite" brother also lives in Ohio, about 4 hrs away. He may make the trek to come see us, as well ! He only travels to places if there is a good IKEA store nearby ! He likes the Swedish Meatball special at the deli/cafe thingy !

Marky and Sam are done with this round of Strep.

The Dr. is suggesting that we have Markys tonsils taken out in the combat the recurring strep.!

That's kindof down the list of must-do's right now !

Sammy had HIS tonsils and adenoid's out when he was 6 mo. old to help with his pulmonary hypertension and small airway associated with Down's Guys.

That was SUPPOSED to reduce HIS strep occurences..... Of course, Sam is the exception to every rule and expectation !

Redundancy is SO boring, that how you spell redundancy? .....I dont think i've ever used that word in a sentence in my LIFE !

Love to all Marky's friends !

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday the 8th of April-- Hi to all of Marky's friends.

We're going to Cincinnati !

There's a specialist there that does some kind of "Scope" on the colon to look for weird stuff that doesnt belong there.

Marky's Primary Children's Doc recommended we go.

I will "GO and DO" anything to help find relief for Marky's undiagnosible pain.

We will go at the end of April...the last week.

Of course, insurance will only pay 50%. And i'm hoping for good weather in the next two weeks so we can have a yard sale to pay for the travel expenses !

Marky and Sam have had Strep throat all this week to boot.

Just another average week at the Jeanes home !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On a lighter, much more deserving note:

Read down 3 posts ago for a beautiful tribute to Marky.

Cathy Wallace has done it again with her creativity and love for dear Marky.

I, as always, continue to be amazed and inspired by our dear son's courage and determination.

He IS like that Jeep! Goes anywhere, climbs any mountain, thwarts any obstacle !.. Over and over.

Also, to all of Marky's true friends:

I apologize for taking so long to update the blog.

A very mean spirited person has used Marky's blog to Attack our family personally.

Many mean, hateful comments were left by this person on Markys blog.

How someone could justify using Marky's blog in this manner is beyond comprehension and defines this person in no other way but evil.

I will attempt to pursue the situation in other ways, rather than using a defenseless, innocent child's blog.

Sorry all of Marky's friends..... I messed up my blogging settings and all the sentences are running together ! My friend is going to try to fix in a few min.s ! I'm a computer dummy, incase you havent guessed already !

Here's a darling poem Cathy Wallace wrote--

Marky's Jeep

Whether he's awake or he's asleep,

Marky's dreaming of his jeep.

During times of war or quiet peace,

It's feats of bravery never cease.

See that mountain over there?

Others might just stop and stare.

But, to Marky's jeep, it's just a hill.

He can climb it standing still !

See that river running fast?

Some might need a boat and mast,

But, Marky's jeep can plow on through,

He'll drive up shore, right on cue !

See that canyon deep and wide?

Looks like trouble ! Run and Hide ?

No ! Marky's jeep goes up and down,

Soon he'll be pulling into town !

There's no stopping this machine,

Persistence like you've never seen !

So when life's incline seems too steep,

Consider a ride in Marky's jeep !

Love ya, Cathy