Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On a lighter, much more deserving note:

Read down 3 posts ago for a beautiful tribute to Marky.

Cathy Wallace has done it again with her creativity and love for dear Marky.

I, as always, continue to be amazed and inspired by our dear son's courage and determination.

He IS like that Jeep! Goes anywhere, climbs any mountain, thwarts any obstacle !.. Over and over.


kendude said...

The world is full of nice people and sweet spirits. Unfortunately, from time to time, there comes to the surface some flotsam and it spoils the clear blue of an otherwise pristine lake. So if you have a moment to reflect, let the flotsam flush itself and focus on the clear blue. There is always more blue than gue.

Sarah's corner said...

I am so sorry to hear about this very sad person.
I missed your posts!
Love to read them and check them daily.
Glad to see you are back.
Love your family and praying for you guys always.

Brooke said...

Sorry the blog got "polluted" with someone's nasty comments. We'll just have to counter it by filling the blog with positive comments and posts! Love you guys!! I am going to take a ride in Marky's Jeep this week for finals!!
Love Cookie Brookie