Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday the 8th of April-- Hi to all of Marky's friends.

We're going to Cincinnati !

There's a specialist there that does some kind of "Scope" on the colon to look for weird stuff that doesnt belong there.

Marky's Primary Children's Doc recommended we go.

I will "GO and DO" anything to help find relief for Marky's undiagnosible pain.

We will go at the end of April...the last week.

Of course, insurance will only pay 50%. And i'm hoping for good weather in the next two weeks so we can have a yard sale to pay for the travel expenses !

Marky and Sam have had Strep throat all this week to boot.

Just another average week at the Jeanes home !


Erin said...

Boo about the strep throat & having to fly all the way out to Cincinnati, but YAY for having you guys in our neck of the woods! How long will you be out here?

Cathy Wallace said...

Wow! Your average weeks sure aren't very average! Cincinnati!! That sounds pretty serious. Which of you will be going with Marky? God bless! Love, Cathy