Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday April 13th--

Flight plans are in place for our trip to Cincinnati !

Just Mark and Mom are going....tooooo pricey to take anyone else !

Marky has a "favorite" cousin that lives in Columbus (i think) Ohio.

She has graciously offered to meet us at the airport and haul us to the hospital !

She's also going to hang out with us while we're there and make sure those "Ohioan's" show us a good time ! Ha Ha

Can't see how spending 3 days in a hospital, gettin a scope shoved.....anywhere...could be a good time !

My "favorite" brother also lives in Ohio, about 4 hrs away. He may make the trek to come see us, as well ! He only travels to places if there is a good IKEA store nearby ! He likes the Swedish Meatball special at the deli/cafe thingy !

Marky and Sam are done with this round of Strep.

The Dr. is suggesting that we have Markys tonsils taken out in the combat the recurring strep.!

That's kindof down the list of must-do's right now !

Sammy had HIS tonsils and adenoid's out when he was 6 mo. old to help with his pulmonary hypertension and small airway associated with Down's Guys.

That was SUPPOSED to reduce HIS strep occurences..... Of course, Sam is the exception to every rule and expectation !

Redundancy is SO boring, that how you spell redundancy? .....I dont think i've ever used that word in a sentence in my LIFE !

Love to all Marky's friends !


" Hit It......." said...


If you need any help with Scott (i.e. dinner)let me know. I would love to help out.

btw I got a job.

Brooke said...

That's great that you guys are going Nettie! We will keep you and the doctors in our prayers so Marky can be relieved! Love to all y'all

Cathy Wallace said...

Well, that sounds like a fun trip, except for the scope part, and the hospital part, and the doctor part. I hope you have a great time seeing your brother & Marky's "favorite" cousin! Love, C.