Friday, January 27, 2012


Tonite Marky was a guest at the "preview/premier" of
SAINTS and SOLDIERS --Airborne Creed

Incase you're not "in the loop", it's a movie produced here
in Utah about WW II.

The co-producer is Ray Meldrum. He Loves Marky ! and....

Mostly because Ray is just a neat guy....but also because it was Ray and
his circle of family and friends that created Markys JEEP WISH !

Ray invited Marky and Scott to come to the LDS film festival where the movie won several awards. The actors were there signing posters and shaking hands.

Marky and Scott were dressed in WWII gear right along with em!

The cast stopped for a photo-op and made a presentation to Marky of this special
poster signed by all the stars...PLUS...There was our "LITTLE WARRIOR" standing right in the poster showing some real valor and just downright STUDLINESS !

RYAN LITTLE is the director of the movie. Along with Ray Meldrum, these guys really gave us the red carpet treatment at the festival !

The movie comes out in June in theatres.

Thanks to all the SAINTS AND SOLDIERS !

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marky is back on the front line this week !

He is, thankfully, feeling better....

That means Mom is feeling better !

All school work is caught up, coughing is's GREAT !

Here's a funny comment from a prior BLOG post about our "missing" Mary in our Nativity set at Christmas time. See blog posts further down with pictures of the HULA GIRL standing in for Mary, as she was AWOL for the season.

Cathy Wallace commented under that Hula girl Nativity picture:

"Great idea ! We've had a Shepherd with a broken arm for years...
....Never thought to give him a night off !"

Yep, takes a village, I tell you !

I got a huge gutbuster laugh outa that one.

So in case you're not all that "blog-savvy", ....just click on the "comments" below the posts and you can read what everyone says. The comments are just as enthusiastic and more entertaining as the posts themselves.!

So, Cathy, thanks for keeping me laughing...and crying, with your kind, sweet words.

Love to all of Markys friends,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thought I'd put up some Jeep pictures for Marky to look at.

More of the fun Make-a-Wish pics are back in blog archives July/Aug 2010. Re-visit for a fun lift of spirits!

He's been sick for a week with the latest communicable virus that our little community is communicating around ! Mostly, fever, cough--that never stops, and stomach ache of course .


That's an order soldier ! ( from Mom)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Im a dummy ---
Name of the book is : " MASTER OF EMOTION"
written by DeAnn Ogden Huff

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This just in...

I put up a link over on the side of this blog to Amazon for a new award winning novel.

The author is Marky's Aunt DeAnn !

I didnt even know she wrote books !
AND, she's donating the proceeds to help with Marky's ongoing humongous medical bills ! !

I realized this whole thing was going on when I got an e-mail announcing that she had won as a quarterfinalist in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Award ! ! !

What a generous, selfless act !

Would I be donatin loads of Moolah from my book sales if it were me ?? Hmmmmmm.

I guess I better re-think my thinkin !

I don't even believe she thought twice about it !

And her "favorite" brother recently was "laid-off" from his job ! AND they have 8 ..yep that's right... EIGHT kids !

So, check out the book. My niece, Audrey, illustrated the cover ! Which is unbelievably cool, too !

Read on !!!!

Love, Lynette


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hi friends..

I hope we resolved the post comments issue. Try it out and see ?? ? thx

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"My name is "LUCK" !"

Yesterday as our little angel Sam was getting on his "special needs" bus to go to school, one of his buddies handed me one of those "etch-a-sketch" boards to show me......

It simply read ..... "LUCK" ..

He was showing me his version how he spells his name ---which is really "LUKE" !

It shot me right through the heart !

This sweet little guy is from the same band of earthly angels that Sam is, Down's Syndrome.

Talk about LUCK !

I always say that I don't deserve this stroke of "luck" that came to us 7 years ago.

Yep, our king-o-the-roost turned 7 on New Years Day !

He surprised us all during his party by picking up his piece of birthday cake and actually taking a huge chomp out of it !

As many of you know, Sam has a very discriminating palate which is limited mostly to Doritos (only Nacho flavor), Crunch Berries, scrambled eggs--4 at a time, chick'n nuggets and only water to drink! There are a few other choices HE makes, but only when it's his idea!

I am LUCKY enough to get to volunteer in Sam's special needs classroom. There are 5 little angel's with Down's Syndrome in there ! Talk about HEAVENLY !

I rarely make it through a session without tearing up with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to associate with these special souls.

Talk about LUCK ..... !

Love to all of you, and Happy New Year !