Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Marky is back on the front line this week !

He is, thankfully, feeling better....

That means Mom is feeling better !

All school work is caught up, coughing is's GREAT !

Here's a funny comment from a prior BLOG post about our "missing" Mary in our Nativity set at Christmas time. See blog posts further down with pictures of the HULA GIRL standing in for Mary, as she was AWOL for the season.

Cathy Wallace commented under that Hula girl Nativity picture:

"Great idea ! We've had a Shepherd with a broken arm for years...
....Never thought to give him a night off !"

Yep, takes a village, I tell you !

I got a huge gutbuster laugh outa that one.

So in case you're not all that "blog-savvy", ....just click on the "comments" below the posts and you can read what everyone says. The comments are just as enthusiastic and more entertaining as the posts themselves.!

So, Cathy, thanks for keeping me laughing...and crying, with your kind, sweet words.

Love to all of Markys friends,