Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"My name is "LUCK" !"

Yesterday as our little angel Sam was getting on his "special needs" bus to go to school, one of his buddies handed me one of those "etch-a-sketch" boards to show me......

It simply read ..... "LUCK" ..

He was showing me his version how he spells his name ---which is really "LUKE" !

It shot me right through the heart !

This sweet little guy is from the same band of earthly angels that Sam is, Down's Syndrome.

Talk about LUCK !

I always say that I don't deserve this stroke of "luck" that came to us 7 years ago.

Yep, our king-o-the-roost turned 7 on New Years Day !

He surprised us all during his party by picking up his piece of birthday cake and actually taking a huge chomp out of it !

As many of you know, Sam has a very discriminating palate which is limited mostly to Doritos (only Nacho flavor), Crunch Berries, scrambled eggs--4 at a time, chick'n nuggets and only water to drink! There are a few other choices HE makes, but only when it's his idea!

I am LUCKY enough to get to volunteer in Sam's special needs classroom. There are 5 little angel's with Down's Syndrome in there ! Talk about HEAVENLY !

I rarely make it through a session without tearing up with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to associate with these special souls.

Talk about LUCK ..... !

Love to all of you, and Happy New Year !