Thursday, January 12, 2012

This just in...

I put up a link over on the side of this blog to Amazon for a new award winning novel.

The author is Marky's Aunt DeAnn !

I didnt even know she wrote books !
AND, she's donating the proceeds to help with Marky's ongoing humongous medical bills ! !

I realized this whole thing was going on when I got an e-mail announcing that she had won as a quarterfinalist in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novelist Award ! ! !

What a generous, selfless act !

Would I be donatin loads of Moolah from my book sales if it were me ?? Hmmmmmm.

I guess I better re-think my thinkin !

I don't even believe she thought twice about it !

And her "favorite" brother recently was "laid-off" from his job ! AND they have 8 ..yep that's right... EIGHT kids !

So, check out the book. My niece, Audrey, illustrated the cover ! Which is unbelievably cool, too !

Read on !!!!

Love, Lynette



CVF said...

What's the name of the book?!!!

kendude said...

I always wanted to know a celeb and Mark is all that and more.

Uncle Ken