Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mark Jeanes is at it again:

We are in the ER at Primary's trying to get some pain relief
for sweet Marky.

He says his "liver hurts real bad". Points to his right side.

The GREAT news is...the doc "on duty" today is one of the very
first Dr.s that we met a year ago when all this "adventuring" started !

Im calling it "adventuring", not just any old adventure!

AdventURE would describe an event that happEND.

AdventURING indicates, well you can guess the rest.!

I thought we had made a successful pass through Thanksgiving with no "events".

It was last year, the week after Thanksgiving that everything started to un-ravel. Or...wind-up ! Whatever the metaphor, here we are.

So, as scripted, the Dr.s are out at their computers looking up Markys history, scratching their heads. Googling every key word in his descriptive story of his mysterious disease, trying to figure where to place the next puzzle piece.

I will keep ya posted with updates.



Erin said...

Love you guys! We'll be saying lots of prayers for all ya'll here in the Carper Household!

A. NONY Mouse said...

Hang in there. You are always in my prayers too!

Markys mom said...

Hey A.NONY Mouse...

Marky got a chuckle from your profile name !

I had to explain it to him first, then came his famous grin !

Thanks, we needed that. !

Marky and Mom

A. NONY Mouse said...

It's Barbie - A NONY Mouse

Markys mom said...

Yeah Barbie ! Glad its you ! Fun Fun Fun