Wednesday, December 1, 2010


After surveying the little warrior with xrays and the usual "coin toss" of what "it" could be, the experts decided to clean him out !

The "clean out" consisted of a Molasses and Milk concoction that was infused retro-grade into his colon via the "Southern" most approach !

For those of you who dont get my "Sensitive" description of the procedure:
An Enema !

The poor guy was so uncomfortable, crying and trembling, humiliated, etc.

He got through it, though, and was, in my view, 10 lbs lighter afterwards!

The "Head-scratcher's" ended up with the customary diagnosis that should just be named...."MarkJeanes" :

Either the impacted volume of crud in his colon is causing the pain, or the pain is causing his Colon to spasm and pile up with crud. ? ? ?

He is scheduled for a Colonoscopy next week to make sure the Endoscopy centers have their volume quotas met.

Have a better Wednesday. Love you guys, Markysmom


Erin said...

Poor guy! Hopefully he'll feel a little bit better! We're still saying lots of prayers for you guys! Love you, Marky! Hang in there buddy!

Anonymous said...

Hi again..this is Mac's mom. This sounds OH WAY TOO Familiar unfortunately! :(( Do you want to email me . . . its softballchick684 at the place that rhymes with woohoo lol dot com. Hopefully that will pass through the editors! :) I'd love to help you guys and point you in some directions!!!!!!

Lisa (Mac's mom) the other girl in the US with the same disease! :)

Sarah's corner said...

Hi Lynette,
I've been reading all your entries and praying for your family.
I am so sorry about the pain. Some essential oils do help.
Let me know if you want more info on that one.
Keep hanging in there.
Sure love you guys.

Cathy Wallace said...

What a bummer (no pun intended)! We hope you feel better soon, Marky! Love & Prayers!