Friday, December 17, 2010



After all the tests and hand wringing and coins tosses, the little warrior was released.

The surgeon was not comfortable opening him up, without more convincing evidence. Thats good....convincing evidence is NOT good.

Marky was referred to an "integrative medicine" Doc who deals with chronic pain .

The colonoscopy that showed some weird stuff is now being deemed a mystery. None of the other tests supported what the colonoscopy showed.

As always.....a mystery !

But Marky is home and cheerful. He hasnt eaten any solid food for 3 days, just liquids. So today he's eating well, courtesy of aunt Lori.

We will be home for Christmas ! No need to transport Marky's portable chimney ( from last years stay) up to PCMC. Markys cousins crafted the beautiful, authentic-like chimney, complete with stockings, simulated wood fire and brick -like motif !

We will continue to enjoy it at home !


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nettie....home is good for him at Christmas. Give him a hug from Grandma Joan 2.

A. NONY Mouse said...



Sarah's corner said...

Wow! Prayers are going your way. I am glad they are being cautious.
And Christmas will be much funner at home.
Blessings blessings blessings!
Love you guys,

Cathy Wallace said...

Well . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS! So glad he is home with all of you fun people for the holidays!