Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday the 14th with Marky ---

Still waiting to get the Barium thing scheduled. Then the surgery can proceed.

Marky bravely went to a half day of school yesterday.

He didnt feel up to it, but he went anyway. I told him that i needed to go

talk to SANTA to make sure he knew just what to bring. And that I couldnt

do that with Marky staying home. !

While I was "talking with Santa", "he" decided to re-activate Markys cell phone. Marky loved being able to text and receive texts while he was in the hospital last time. So Santa gave Marky an early present. !

The Warburton family in our ward generously gave Marky the phone AND paid for service the WHOLE time Marky was in the hospital even thru the summer ! They are a dear family, and we appreciated that so much. Marky thought he was the bomb, with his own phone. !

We would sit for hours and play songs with the keyboard tones for each letter or number. Our favorite was "I hope they call me on a mission"..(or "Missionary stew" for you primary kids !) ! I would sit and type little tones and he would guess which song i was playing....fun !

Ill post his texting # for you guys when he goes "up to the mountain"( PCMC) for the surgery. He will love getting messages from you.

Two of my VERY FAVORITE (I have three !) BROTHERS' birthdays are this week.

My twin sis ,Lori, and I grew up with them adoring us. We were the babies. They were the "Big Brothers".

They still adore us. They rally around us every time rallying is needed. They live far away, but you'd never know it.

My Mom produced them all a year apart....three years in a row ! Then Lori and I came together ! People thought she had triplet boys and twin girls !

Mom's brave....still is !

Mom and Dad somehow figured out how to raise us in a home with love such that we ALL thought we were their favorite child. And we all thought we were each others' favorite sibling !

Still do !

But I KNOW I am the favorite ! .. Mom told me... and Dad told me..and Steve, Lee and Kenneth and Lori told me !

So, Happy Birthday to 2 of my favorite brothers ! I love you Bootie and Kenny !

Netti, ....your favorite sister !...shhhhh dont tell Lori !