Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday the 5th of Nov.

Marky's been sick for 3 days.....

The infamous belly pain that mysteriously comes and goes.

He actually went to school Mon. and Tues..ALL DAY.

Even had a "play date" with his FAMOUS "RUNNING BUDDY"--ALEX tues after school !

Then Tues night around nine, the pain hit. He was clutching the blankets and gripping my wrists like a vice. His toes were curled under ( a sign of pain or stress in kids, dont ya know), and he was pale as a sheet.

He stayed home from school Wed, Thurs, and wouldve today if they werent already off for parent teacher conferences.

Got a humorous call today from a bill collector for $102.30. Unpaid office visits for Mark and Sam!

I chuckled as i spoke with the very nice concerned lady that i owed her SO MUCH MONEY !

I then related to her my story about Marky's currently still UNPAID $300,000.00 plus hospital bill at PCMC, among other ginormous price tags for health !

....Just another fun day in the life..........

Have a great and HEALTHY weekend everybody.
Love , Lynette


Brown Family said...

Oh your sweet boy, seriously I get teared up hearing his pain, we send our prayers and hugs!!!

" Hit It......." said...

I hope he feels better.

Tell the bill collecters to bite your chronically ill child's behind. You have more important things to worry about. They will write if off anyway!


Markys mom said...


Love ya, Lynette

kidstuff said...

Hope Marky feels better soon.

Love you guys!