Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Anonymous said...

Dear Nettie and Marky, I love these pictures, first because they are so good of Mommy, second because I love the faces you make when you take your medicine and thirdly because Sam looks so much like angel sleeping!!! We all know he is not, haha....Stay well and take your medicine!!!! Love and kisses, Grandma Joan

Sarah's corner said...

Love your haircut.
Medicine is not fun to take, I don't blame you for making faces. It seems to help a bit when we do that.
Keep smiling Lynette, you are a beautiful lady.
Glad Marky is home!
Love you guys,

Erin said...


I love your hair! Is it a new cut or did I miss it when you went short, because I live WAY too far away! Miss you guys SO much! Wish we were there!


Cathy Wallace said...

Cute haircut, Nettie!! Nice tongue, Marky!