Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday with the

'Markypedia" --

Sitting w Marky waiting for the numbing cream to take effect so we can give him his chemo shot in his leg.

He's had a good week, until yesterday. Starting to get the "crappy"-ness.

...again, achey all over....

I think we just need some warm, sunny weather to get here..and soon !

March is just a few days away...and another month closer to un-covering Markys jeep and polishing it up for the summer.

He had the great idea today, that we should put an invisible electronic fence around the perimeter of the yard to keep the "un-friendly's" from infiltrating !

That, along with his stringent regimen of "basic-training" that he puts the kids through before they can play, will surely keep the insurgent's back there to a minimum !

He received more acupuncture this week, too. James got to go with him this time. Marky only reported that the guy examined his tongue thoroughly for signs of ....i'm not sure...

And Marky came home with this very important, little known medical fact:

"Did you know that your tongue is the only organ you have that can go in AND out of your body ?"

I DID NOT KNOW that, nor had I ever pondered that incredible piece of medical knowledge !

Im confident that before we are done with this "tour of duty" with Marky, he will be an expert on all things medical, and now alternative medicine !

I will refer to him as our "Markypedia" !