Saturday, April 6, 2013

On A more JUBILANT note!

Marky had a check up with his specialist last week.

All systems are GO ! !

He looks good, feels good.

You may be interested to know that MARK IS FAMOUS..once again..

His mystery disease has been written up in the "JOURNAL OF PEDIACTRIC GASTROENTEROLOGY AND NUTRITION"  Authors include Dr. John Pohl, who is Mark's main doc.  Also listed as a contributor to the case is Dr Rawlins.  He is the surgeon who was BRAVE enough to do the exploratory laparotomy when no other surgeon would consider it. 

As reported during that  time, Marky was near death, filling up with fluid in his abd and chest cavity. Constant vomiting, laying listless.  We were BEGGING the docs to do ANYTHING to help him.  But as you remember, they didnt have a clue WHAT TO DO. 

The surgery was agreed upon.  They opened Marky up and discovered the WEBBING of Sclerosis encasing his entire retro-peritoneum.  With no way to "Scrape" it all off, and no idea how it got there, or what could be done.....they closed him back up and reported to us...."We're so sorry" !

Then..the MIRACLE happened.  Prayers were answered...prayers from around the world, prayers from the youngest to the oldest faithful's. 

I know for a fact, the good Lord directed an inspired doctor to look in on Marky that night.  To recommend a treatment plan to give Marky some relief.  To save his life. 

Fast forward to 2 and a half years since that experience..after many treatment drugs and suffering and rejoicing and suffering and rejoicing...etc...he is cautiously termed "in remission"!



Anonymous said...

Would you please contact me? My email is, it is concerning the faker.

Lisa said...

Hey there...we lost touch a while ago as things got nuts and crazy in our home again! I'm the other mom with the kiddo diagnosed with the sclerosing mesenteries back in 2008. We spoke a few times and my daughter's doc called your son's doc, etc.

Anyway, my email address now is Id love to get back in touch again. She had another 4 month inpatient stay :( and another two abdominal surgeries...that's 17 now in the last few years : ( She's struggling but still going . . .
My number in case you dont have anymore is 9183784176. Let's talk again soon!


Anonymous said...

I might suggest that you get registered with That will allow you to recieve donations without having to go thru America First. Not that AF isnt a great place to donate, it's just a little more convienient thru the internet.

I wish you the very best.

Anonymous said...

To Mark's Mom-
I came to your blog from a "Military Fakers" website, regarding the unfortunate incident with the person posing as an SF officer.
As a dad, I'm terribly happy to see that Marky is doing better. He's a fighter, I hope he continues to be one, and I hope someday he gets a chance to serve.
MAJ Matt McCray, SF