Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hi to all of Marky's friends !

We are home from Cincinnati !

Marky managed to emerge victorious !

The specialist reported that his colon is working well. No blockages or kinks noted. !

Hurray for that news ! Doesnt explain where his pain is coming from, however.

The Dr.s answer to that is ...."to approach his pain from a psychological standpoint now."

He said Mark had been through so much trauma, that likely, any pain sends Marky's young brain into panic that thinks , "OH NO !, There's that pain back, I'm gonna almost die again!".

This is apparently common in a lot of chronic illness kids, and adults i'm sure.

So we'll go that route, for now. And go back to the accupuncture guy and see where that gets us.

HOWEVER ----The JEEP is UNCOVERED and the "Captain" is back in command at his base-camp !

There have been steady droves of "would-be" recruits looking for a chance to enlist in Marky's corp of soldiers !

All is well in Marky's world !

A huge shout-out to my sweet niece, Erin, for all of her love and service while we were in Cincinnati. She drove down from Columbus (2 hr. drive) and stayed 5 days with us to shepherd us around.

Marky loved spending time with his cousin that he doesnt see nearly enough.

The Saturday before we flew back home, Erin's husband, Ben, even drove down from Columbus to hang out w/ us for the day ! We went to the Zoo and, of course, McDonald's...(gluten free Angus Burgers arent all that bad..just order em between two giant leaves of lettuce).

Ben was great with Marky. I know Mark really was missing his Dad and brothers by then, so Ben stepped up and filled in the cracks !

Thanks also to all of you for your prayers and love and donations that helped get us there...and back !

Love you all, Markysmom


Joan Christensen said...

Dear Jeanes's,

So glad you got back OK from Ohio.
I missed your messages on the blog.
Glad to hear the colon is working well and the Jeep is uncovered!! That should make both mom and Marky feel better. Love from
Grandma Joan

B Ready to Read said...


Sarah's corner said...

So good to see you are back at home.
Sounds like an incredible adventure!
Prayers are going your way that you will figure it out how to ease the pain.
Love you guys,

CandD said...

Yeah you are home and with good news! Thinking of you all and glad to hear the jeep is uncovered and ready for the summer! Boot camp begins :)

Christine and MAW