Friday, May 20, 2011

"The GobStopper Maneuver"

Last night Marky casually said..."Mom, I saved my own life today."

I wasnt really paying attention, you know, the multi-tasking zone you get in after working a 12 hour day, then coming home to a house-full of....well, just a ..."house full of" ! ! !

He says, " I was suckin on one of those Willy Wonka Gobstoppers and I breathed in and it got stuck in my wind pipe "

At THAT point, my ears perked up ! Now he had my attention !

I tried to calmly say, "What'd you do?"

He said, "well, I couldn't talk or breathe, so I just walked over to the drinking fountain and tried to take a swallow."

"Then, I grabbed myself under my ribs and shoved my fists upward and...POP ! The thing shot straight out ! "

My eyes were popping outa my head !!!

I raised my voice to him and said, "Marky, we just got you through this life threatening disease, and you lived ! You better not die NOW from a little half inch piece of candy ! !"

I guess all that time spent in the hospital watching their "Health Channel" episodes on CPR and lifesaving techniques paid off for Marky !

He was pretty proud of himself for saving himself !

Glad he paid attention to the TV and remembered the "Gobstopper remover maneuver" !


B Ready to Read said...

Woah, boy! Way to go Marky! What a save!

Cathy Wallace said...

Yikes, Marky! Stay alive buddy!