Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday the 7th of May--

The other day Scotty came to me, very solemly and concerned.

This week in his health class the subject of male/female reproduction is the topic ! .....

I can hear you all laughing ! Me too !

He said, "Mom, can you write me an excuse to get out of class on Friday?"

I said, "How come?"

He said, "Well, yesterday they talked about the female reproductive system and I got all clammy and sweaty and i thought i was gonna throw up ! I had to ask the teacher for a hall pass, and then I just waited around outside till I thought they were done. "

Then he said, "And today they're talking about the male end of things, And tomorrow is the "talk" about.. you know !"

He said, "I remember back in Jr. High when they did the maturation talk, but that was with all the guys in one room and the girls in another!, now we're all together in the same room !"

He said, " I dont mind talking about the "bee's", but I dont like hearing about how they "Pollinate" !"

Chuckle, chuckle !


Brooke said...

sweet Scotty! Mom checked me out of school for all that, ha ha ha!