Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25th, 2011

We just got back from our "STAYCATION".

You know, instead of a "Vacation", you just stay !

Yup, James pulled the trailer out into the drive way, ran an extension cord out and plugged it in.

Took the hose and hooked it up to the hook-ups for some running water and more know...

Marky and the guys hauled the TV and the X-box out and got that going. A giant bag of Doritos for Sam, some Creme Soda in the little fridge for Marky and.....Yee-haw!

An awesome Staycation !

Of course, the neighbors all speculated that James was in the dog-house and banished to spending a few nights incarcerated in the trailer for violations of......oh pick just about anything....and he will have violated the terms and conditions !! JK (just kidding)

Not this time, though. He was not guilty of any charges.

Yeah, we looked like pure red-necks, all camped out in the front yard!

You know the joke, ..."If you mow yer yard and find a car....YOU might be a red-neck !

That's us, "Those Jeanes People".

So to all-ya'll : Be true to yerselfs and pull that trailer out in yer yard. heck, drag a couch out, too !

Now that would be a "Staycation" with true style and class!


Brooke said...


B Ready to Read said...

Sounds like my kind of camping...shower and toilet always available and it's yer own!

Cathy Wallace said...

Fun!! Your staycation beats a trip to the hospital any day! Glad you are having some good times!

Try googling "redneck mansion" for a funny photo of seven trailers linked with stairs & ladders. It even has a small pool & a greenhouse. It could be your ultimate "dream staycation" spot! LOL

Sarah's corner said...

You crack me up!
I am glad you were able to have a staycation.
You are awesome and very creative!
Your boys will love the memories you are making, the good times together and the fun!
You are a great mom!
Enjoy cleaning up from staycation, be happy you didn't hall all that dirt from the camp ground :D
Love you guys,

Byron and Jana said...

oh net, you make me laugh!! well we are just as bad next door with a basketball hoop up in our living room. :) but you know, if the kids are happy the world is a much better place (especially for us moms) love you!