Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st, 2011

We are REALLY GOING ALL OUT, this time !!

I mean, we dont splurge....hardly ever.

But we deserve luxury, every now and then, who doesnt?

Yep, we're leaving the city limits and headin for the destination resort of just about anyone's dreams....


It's a 22.5 mile trip up I-15 to Farmington Utah.

22.5 miles is a pretty daring venture, dont ya think?

I mean, compared to our trip a couple of weeks ago ! When we pulled the trailer ALL THE WAY from the side of the house to the driveway!


Life's one is ill or afflicted with active disease !

Hope you all are "LIVIN' THE DREAM", too !

Love, Nettie


Brooke said...

Lynette, you are the dream!

Love Bootay

Melissa Monsen said...

You are so funny Lynette, love ya! Have fun and don't get sick on those rollercoasters!

Sarah's corner said...

I love how you write.
So glad you are going the distance to Lagoon!
Everybody well, life is wonderful and fun is ahead!
Enjoy the weekend and make great memories!
Love you guys,

Brooke said...

Nettie that sounds like a blast! I'll have to make Grant take me to the Lagoon campground for a few days. Maybe for our one year anniversary!! Have fun and go on the swings and the tidal wave for me!!

Cathy Wallace said...

Do we get the 'goon report? Did ya have fun? Did ya get sick on cotton candy and roller coasters instead of medicine and IVs? Nice to hear you are having some good summer family time!